Buffer for Instagram alternatives: Postfity

Do you know what is the most important thing while running any social media account? Consistency. However, when you’re responsible for all the things in your company, it might be a bit difficult. On the other hand, if you have a marketing team, they probably want to use their time more efficiently than switching between different platforms, pasting, and publishing posts. 

That’s why there’re plenty of tools that will help you with scheduling your posts. You could use Buffer for Instagram or an alternative such as Postfity. I am going to introduce those two tools in this article, so you could choose which one suits your needs more. 

Buffer for Instagram – social media scheduling 

Social media scheduling helps you dealing with content planning. If you have your posts ready, you can just simply schedule all of them at once. It will take you an hour instead of around 30 minutes of work every day. You won’t even have to open an actual social media platform to schedule your posts. It means the risk that something attracts your attention, and you lose another 2 hours scrolling down the Instagram feed is much lower. 

Let’s take a look at what Buffer offers. 

Buffer for Instagram: scheduling and publishing.
source: Buffer.com

On Instagram, you can plan and publish your posts directly. Buffer allows you to schedule both pictures and videos.

You also receive metrics, so you can measure your social media performance in order to know what’s working better for your audience

Buffer pricing 

Buffer has got only two plans available, and one of them is free. However, the free one is limited to 3 channels and 10 posts per channel, which means that you won’t be able to use all of the social media it’s offering. 

“Essentials” plan starts from 6$ per month per one channel. If you decide to upgrade it with a “Team Pack”, which means that you will be able to work as a team, you will pay 10$ per month per channel. What does it mean? If you want to plan on 5 different accounts, you’ll have to pay 30$ a month.

Buffer for Instagram pricing

If you want to collaborate with teammates, you’ll have to add + 12$ per user a month to unlock teamwork, posts drafts, and approval. So, if you look for an alternative to schedule your posts for Instagram – or maybe even more – we got something for you.

Buffer for Instagram and more: an alternative tool — Postfity

Move your experience with social media planning to the next level, using Postfity! Postfity is not only a social media scheduler but also a great marketing tool. It will help you with getting more customers and raising your engagement on different social media platforms.

With Postfity, you can schedule posts directly to Instagram. And also to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or VKontakte (Russian Facebook). It works well both for desktop and mobile users. 

Scheduling posts to Instagram with Postfity

Postfity allows you to schedule posts directly to Instagram – both pictures and videos. Directly in your calendar view.

Schedule your Instagram posts in calendar view

Buffer for Instagram alternative — Postfity

Let’s look closer at what Postfity offers in terms of managing an account on Instagram. Here are some of the actions that you can do with Postfity on Instagram: 

  • Planning and scheduling posts to different Instagram accounts,
  • Making a pending list (up to 10.000 posts),
  • Adding photos and videos to your posts,
  • Editing your photos with a built-in image editor, 
  • Creating images,
  • Adding watermark to your photos,
  • Generating Snapshots so that your text will stand out,
  • Using Snippets to add and save groups of hashtags or text,
  • Using Ideas, Social Tips and Holidays Calendar to get ready-to-use posts,
  • Directing your followers to your own MyList.bio landing page, 
  • Scheduling to different time zones,
  • Adding drafts and sending them for approval within a team or to your clients, 
  • Analysing performance
Chance text into graphics with Snapshot generator

Landing page needed? Use Postfity with MyList.bio!

Recently, Postifty has launched a great tool that will help you with running your Instagram account. Did you know that you can’t add links to your Instagram posts? Well, that’s the reason why we created MyList.bio where you can add all of your social media and articles links. In this way, your followers will have easy access to your different pages. We created an article about MyList.bio, so if you want to have a look, just click here.

Buffer for Instagram vs Postfity landing page creation tool.

You can also read or watch our tutorials on how to create your MyList.bio with Postfity, take a look and see how easy it is! 

Get inspired with Postfity!

Everyone struggles from time to time with inspiration. That’s why we prepared Ideas, Social Tips and Holidays Calendar. In times when you won’t have an idea what you can post they will help you with ready-to-use texts, photos, graphics, hashtags, and articles! You can also use them when you have a busy day, but still want to be consistent with your social media. Voilà, one-click, two seconds, and your post has been scheduled, how cool is that?

Postfity Social Tips Calendar with ideas for posts
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Postfity as THE alternative for Buffer for Instagram — final words

As you can see, Postfity’s offering much more, and prices are also more affordable. In the Mini plan, you can add up to 15 accounts. If you want to work in a team or with customers – just choose one of the higher plans. No add-ons, everything is clear at the beginning. If you’re looking for something more than just a simple social media scheduler with a good price, then you should definitely give Postfity a go! Check out the pricing below:

Take your social management to the next level.

Find out the best plan for you:



(Save 15%)

Most powerful


recommended for most teams



  • 200 social accounts
  • 10000 Pending Posts
  • 20 teams / 200 members
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recommended for most users



  • 30 social accounts
  • 1000 Pending Posts
  • 1 team / 10 members


recommended for beginners



  • 15 social accounts
  • 100 Pending Posts
  • All prices are in USD and include VAT.
  • 14 days money back guarantee!
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  • Valid for 30 days
  • Up to 5 social accounts
  • Up to 10 scheduled posts
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Oh, did I mention – there’s a free trial that you can try! 

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