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Bright and dark sides of social media usage

January 1, 1970

It is generally agreed that social media has a huge influence on today's society. There are those who claim only benefits of these, but if we look at the case closer, opinions about the negativities are also widely shared. Let's have a deeper insight into this topic.

Positive aspect

There is no doubt that social media has changed the speed of spreading the information. Having a LinkedIn profile is needed in professional relationships, Facebook is an indispensable part of any business website, Twitter keeps us informed about any news in the world and Instagram is a must be if your target group is Generation Z.

One of the blockbusters regarding the positive influence of social media is the availability. There is no entry barrier, which means that basically everyone who with a basic knowledge of computer may have a Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram profile. This fact makes is a great tool for any platform/company willing to sell their product or services.Another advantage is access to a wide contact database, which is free of charge for all. On the user level, it's a great tool to keep in touch with people who might be inspiring. While on the business level, social media are the best promotional tool and platform that connects all potential clients.However, there are also many opponents of social media usage. Let us present what are the possible arguments against...

Negative aspects

First negativity - the insecurity caused by the competitiveness of lifestyle. By peeking at others’ life in social media some people might feel jealous or downgraded. Usually, social media users are emphasizing the positive aspects and facts from their life, while skipping failures and dark sides. That is why the self-esteem of those whose life is not perfect, is on the decline. What's more, people start to take part in an informal race, where everyone actually is a loser.

Another disadvantage of using social media is a loss of real-life social skills. More and more often people instead of spending time with family and friends, prefer to scroll one of the social media pages. Checking out newsfeed is becoming a habit or daily ritual. Meanwhile, a messenger chat is surprising a real conversation. How about your feelings on this topic? Do you believe that it is still possible to run a successful business without a social media account?

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