Branding and Journalism as a New Social Media

October 4, 2014

We all are fed up with typical advices related to social media, strategies and similar posting plans. If we will search on web for information about how to promote our page, or go to the Sm agency to help us we will receive a lot of similar information and advice on that topic.We think it’s time for changes in that area and for using NEW Social Media!Considering some Social Media blogs and Social Media Agencies we can find out that typically each of those try to prove us that their tips for making your fan page popular, are extremely new and sexy, so if you use their help, service and so on, that even Mark Zuckerberg together with Obama will like each of your posts and your fan page! Some of agencies and specialist are trying to prove you that if you will use their service and tricks this will help your page to get even more likes than “sneezing baby panda” from YouTube video did: imagine that you already used all possible tips for making your posts better: phrases of famous people, cute pictures of kitties, naked bodies, and funny video. Each day those sticks are working worse. However you still are trying to stick it to your posts, product and your brand. Hmm, let’s face it – you can’t do it it anymore, because it is not working too long.


HOW TO SOLVE THAT PROBLEM!? Don’t worry, switch on your brain and add the note of creativity, branding& journalism approach!Now you have a question in your head “What the hell is that?”. Branding+journalism approach – is the new Social Media, which includes:

  1. Video and photo reportage
  2. Online transmission
  3. Reality show

What does it give to your subscribers if you will use that approach: interaction between your brand (fun page, blog etc) and your subscribers/customers!In order to help you to understand that better, we will give you such examples:

  1. Branding&journalism approach for your restaurant/bar

Your main goal here is to create a so called transmission o your restaurant, and show it from the inside, to show only your positive side, and in such a way to be closer to your customers.How to do that: post pictures of super tasty dinners, served in your restaurant, pictures of wine, drinks etc. If in your restaurant you bake bread and pizza- show pictures of the process together with the short video presentation, do not show a lot of details ( beware of the competition) but try to make it look awesome). If you have a bar – show the pictures of some cool drinks, post the video with the bartender show. If you have a pub with its own brewery.- show your potential clients –subscribers the pictures/ short video of the process how the beer is used to be prepared, this will raise their curiosity!Show you customers- what other restaurants, bars and pubs are not showing – such content gives more value to your business, then just posting – how awesome you are and that you have a discount!You can even post interview with your satisfied clients ;)

  1. For movie creators or distributors

Your goal is to inform everyone that you created a new awesome movie!You have your movie, and your fan page- so go forward- post more pictures, cool trailers, actor stories, interviews!Imagine that you have created a horror or thriller movie. Rent several rooms in somkind of interesting building, which will match the atmosphere and create a reality –show(mini game for your customers), offer people to take a challenge and solve a secret let’s say in 1 hour. Show online transmission- how people involved will find the solution find a key, their teamwork, make it alike a Fort Board - but related to the scenes from your movie. Offer subscribers to give online advices etc. to competitors, comment the transmission, videos. Therefore customers will be involved into the game!Try to communicate with your subscribers and to be a part of your brand and your story.

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