Best Wedding Hashtag Ideas For Micro-Weddings In 2021

September 21, 2021

Guest post written by: Wedding Hashers

Do you have wedding hashtag ideas swimming around in your head but just can’t come up with one that you love? Creating a wedding hashtag has become a vital part of the wedding planning process. And we know it can be stressful trying to do it on your own.

So we put together some wedding hashtag ideas that’ll make yours totally unforgettable. As well as easy to create. And even if you’re having an intimate micro-wedding, a hashtag is something you need. After all, micro-weddings may be small in size, but they aren’t small in Insta-worthy photos ops. So, you need some incredible wedding hashtag ideas to keep your photos together in an online social photo album.

micro wedding photo

Best Wedding Hashtag Ideas 

Hashtags are all about creating excitement and maybe even a hint of mystery surrounding a wedding. Especially a micro-wedding that you'll invite fewer people to. Hashtags encourage your guests to believe that your wedding reception is ‘the party to go to'. But they also offer a glimpse of what they should expect. While micro-weddings can often be considered hush-hush because everyone isn't invited. But most couples still want to share their wedding with the world. And wedding hashtags are the perfect way to do that. Not to mention they’re terribly fun. 

Different Types Of Wedding Hashtags 

There are tons of different types of wedding hashtags out there simply because they perform unique functions. For example, a hashtag might aim to make one laugh, there might be a pun intended, or maybe it's just to emphasize the magnificence of everlasting love. Whatever the purpose, each type needs to be composed differently to convey its message and attract attention. Which is what you want at the end of the day for the most beautiful event in your life. 

Deciding on a type of wedding hashtag that’s right for your event is a minor personality test in itself. Couples find it helpful to take personality quizzes before coming up with wedding hashtag ideas. This helps to make the hashtag unique, representative, quirky, and one that will ideally stand out. If you’re getting married in peak season, wedding hashtags are even more vital for sharing your gorgeous photos. Millions of weddings happen every year. And we all know that social feeds quickly fill up with wedding photos. So, to stop yours from getting lost in the endless sea of wedding photos, you need a wedding hashtag that’s unique to your love story. 

Pro tip: You can make your own list of ready-to-use hashtags — using Postfity's Snippets — and easily put them in your posts.

Punny Hashtags

Puns are a lot of fun because they are words that play on similar-sounding terms or names, leading to the end phrase that usually has more than two meanings. You might use punny wedding hashtags, might even use metaphors if needed to convey meaning or explain someone’s personality. Punny hashtags are typically catchy and self-explanatory and are a pretty intelligent way to be remembered in a sea of wedding hashtags. 

Punny hashtags are used regularly in marketing products and services, but they’re also equally effective in marketing your wedding! A punny hashtag will work wonders when your guests want to post pictures and reels of your event. And you want to show off that lace wedding gown you spent an absolute fortune on. Puns are also easy to remember because they often rhyme or create a particular image in the reader’s head. This makes them great for your wedding hashtag. Easy to remember means easy to use. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration for creating punny wedding hashtags, here you go!











An example of a punny wedding hashtag

Romantic Wedding Hashtags

Romantic wedding hashtags are just like the name suggests: a well-thought-out testament to your true love. For that reason, romantic hashtags are probably the most popular wedding hashtags because who doesn’t love a love story? However, there’s still plenty of room to be creative and make them personalized to your relationship. Romantic wedding hashtags work best if they are easy to remember (and easy to type out for guests and loved ones). But remember to make them unique and impactful. For example, #Happilyeverafter may sound good and easy to remember. But it won’t do much to let your Instagram photos stand out among the thousands of people using it. Remember that your love story is unique, and therefore your wedding hashtag should be as well. 

Come up with a romantic wedding hashtag that best describes your relationship. And make sure to circulate it widely (even to vendors, wedding planners, and venue staff). You never know your hashtag could become the next big social media trend! Use fond memories, inside jokes, or even romantic quotes from your favorite books. Just make sure your wedding hashtag ideas include words that have value and meaning for your relationship. It can be a testament for your great love for your spouse. 











An example of a romantic hashtag

[reblex id='20088']

Movie-Inspired Hashtags

Movie-inspired hashtags are terrific fun and are a definite favorite for themed weddings. If you’re doing a Game-of-Thrones-themed wedding, it makes sense to use relevant hashtags. But even if you’ve not gone full cosplay style, you can still bring life to your favorite characters in movies. Use famous dialogues and craft your hashtags around them. You can convert them into puns, too. Or twist the quotes as they don’t need to be written word for word exactly. 

Movie hashtags for weddings are a great choice. Especially if both the bride and groom have a shared love for a particular franchise. For example, if you're both obsessed with Star Trek or Lord of the Rings, use it! Not to mention that depending on how many themed elements you have incorporated into the wedding, you both may have like-minded friends, making a movie-inspired hashtag a great hit. You can have the hashtags on a photo booth at the wedding or even on the cake. 

#IknownothingbutthatIloveyou (Game-of-Thrones-inspired)

#FranklymydearIloveyou (Gone With The Wind)

#Youaremyprecious (Lord of the Rings)

#SayIdothereisnotry (Yoda From Star Wars)

#Iwasprevailedupontomarryyou (Pride and Prejudice)

#thelionfellinlovewiththelamb (Twilight)

#youaremymuggle (Harry Potter)

#Youarethemostlovedoneofall (Snow White)

#Oceansoftimetofindyou (Dracula)

#youaremycosmicquestion (You’ve Got Mail)

Classic Wedding Hashtags

Sure! Funny and themed wedding hashtags may be suitable for some couples, but we know there are more traditional lovers out there as well. So, if funny or themed wedding hashtag ideas aren’t your cup of tea, there are classic wedding hashtags too. Some couples just know they want a hashtag that’s more sophisticated, and classic. After all, it is probably the most well-known style for all things in the wedding, including hashtags. Classic wedding hashtags are ones everyone relates to quickly. They're ones that spout wondrous notions of eternal bliss, beautiful union, magical days together, and pure love. And who doesn’t love all of that? 

An example of a classic wedding hashtag











How To Get Or Create Your Wedding Hashtags

Writer’s block always hits at the least opportune moment. If you’re sitting down to write your wedding hashtags, chances are you are going to stare at a blank screen for a long time. Because just like a great story, great hashtags don’t come easy. However, there are some tricks to help you get started and generate some excellent wedding hashtag ideas. Start with jotting down details you already know. Such as your names, dates, and your favorite places. Even favorite foods or hobbies can help create some word combinations. Once you’ve brainstormed and made lists (including stuff like nicknames and what you love most in your spouse), you can begin to try different word combinations to see if catchy phrases pop up. 

A particular wedding hashtag trend that has been popular for years is combining your names with the year. But you may also want to add words like ‘Finally’ or ‘Soul mate."

Date Night Planning Session

Have some fun while creating your hashtag. You can have an at-home date night with your favorite food and drinks and play word games with your love. It can be a genuinely awe-inspiring bonding experience. 

Hashtag Planning Party

If a cozy date night sounds too dull, why not make it a party? After all, a few minds are better than one. So, invite your closest family and friends to join you for a word-smithing event. Add in a few drinks, and we’re sure the creative juices will be flowing in no time. 

Use A Wedding Hashtag Generator 

A wedding hashtag generator is an online tool that you enter personal details into and it returns hashtag options to choose from. Some may not be perfect as the process is automatic. But it explores multiple possibilities with the names and numbers entered. Wedding hashtag creators tend to return pretty cool results but may be commonly used by other couples. The information you enter is your name, date of birth, your partner’s name and date of birth, nicknames, etc.

Get your free wedding hashtag

This is a good option if you’re fresh out of ideas and the mental block has you trapped. You don’t even need to necessarily use any of the results the hashtag generator gives you. But they give you enough ideas to get your creative juices flowing. It’s also a great starter option if you’re having trouble figuring out what style your wedding hashtag should be. 

Wedding Hashers is one of the best and most innovative hashtag generators out there. They have easy-to-use software that returns several wedding hashtag results in seconds. If you aren’t the creative type and are struggling to create an unforgettable wedding hashtag, and you don’t want to spend money using a wedding hashtag generator like Wedding Hashers is a great idea.

Ask Professional Wedding Hashtag Writers To Create Your Wedding Hashtags

Professional wedding hashtag writers or services are a brilliant option because they have tremendous experience crafting hashtags that stand out. It’s important to bear in mind hashtags are not only going to be used for pictures on your Instagram, but can also be a pivotal part of the wedding décor and theme. Wedding hashtag ideas can be featured on the cake and wedding signage, so you get that choreographed ‘wow’ factor. Professional hashtag writers are usually creative and experienced writers, so they’ll come up with more unique ideas. A professional writer is an excellent option if you’re not particularly clever or witty with words. 

Professional wedding hashtag writer's post

These professional writers may use puns, rhyming phrases, clever wordplay, and fun slogans to generate the best wedding hashtags of the season. In most cases (depending on the service), the professional wedding hashtag writer will also provide samples of their work so you can choose whether or not to hire them. 

How To Get Started

It is very easy to hire a professional through any online wedding hashtag service. But bear in mind that specialized services will almost definitely charge a fee to use their professional writing skills. However, the process is quite simple. First, the writer will ask you to share personal details like your names, date of birth, anniversary dates, nicknames, favorite places, where you met, likes and dislikes, etc. They’ll then use these details to match and design an excellent hashtag perfect for your wedding day.

Many professionals can churn out masterpieces in less than 24 hours, but sometimes it can take longer. And the rates for professional writing services will depend on the service that you use. But when you want a wedding hashtag that stands out from the rest, is unique to you, and is memorable, it’ll be worth every penny. Because different from the wedding hashtag generator software that may provide generic results, a writer is a human with real-life experiences. This means their hashtags will be more memorable. A writer who is open to creative input and edits is your best bet as your wedding hashtags are super important, and ordinary simply won’t do!

Take The DIY Route

Of course, you can always create your wedding hashtag. Couples do it every day, and we’ve seen some incredible wedding hashtag ideas. And you don’t need an English degree or to be an exceptional writer to do it. After all, you know your love story best, and of course, you know your personalities in and out, so creating your wedding hashtag may be super easy. 

But knowing that if you get stuck, or if you find that your DIY wedding hashtag ideas seem to be common and are probably being used by other couples, remember that wedding hashtag generators and professional writers are still an option. 

Why Choose This Option

DIYing your wedding hashtag is always a great idea. Especially because of all the expenses that go into your wedding. Maybe you just can’t take on the cost of hiring a professional hashtag writer, and that’s okay. In many ways, if it’s your wedding or a friend’s wedding, you’re the perfect person to be crafting the hashtag as you have access to the most knowledge (think inside jokes, nicknames, and precious memories).  

How To Get Started

No masterpiece was ever born without considerable brainstorming and planning, and the perfect wedding hashtag is no different, especially if you are coming up with several wedding hashtag ideas! When getting started, find a nice quiet place to sit with zero distractions. Write down all the essential information you can think of and put it aside (numbers like dates and name spellings). Think of trademark items like your favorite movie or song; for example, try to play around with words and numbers even if you find you aren’t particularly good at it. Good ideas sprout from bad ones!

Availability of hashtags, especially when you’re trying to enhance the appeal of a micro-wedding, is very important. However, if the hashtags you use are common and generic, there’s little point in using them. Not to mention they’ll just result in your wedding photos getting mixed up with other weddings happening around the globe. This will also make photos hard to find when your guests want to tag themselves or repost. 

Creative Ways To Generate Your Wedding Hashtag

And if you need a little help, enlist your friends or the bridal party. Some creative ideas to generate the best hashtags are; host a planning party with friends, date night to drum up ideas, and brainstorming sessions at a work luncheon. After that, the sky’s the limit for ways to DIY your wedding hashtags. 

Wedding planner's post

And who said that you could only have fun at a bachelorette party or a bridal shower before the wedding? One of the perks of having a micro-wedding is that it leaves financial room for you to have nights out with your friends and loved ones. So throw a fancy wine and cheese hashtag planning party with your friends. Or how about an adult sleepover where everyone can brainstorm and come up with wedding hashtags together. Maybe even get a large whiteboard and play a wordsmithing charade game. How fun would that be? And hey, a side benefit from all this brainstorming for wedding hashtags is that this might also help you perfect your wedding vows!

How To Level Up Your Micro-Wedding Through Wedding Hashtags

While being just as impressive as a regular larger-scale wedding reception, micro-weddings do have some drawbacks. Since they have a smaller, more intimate guest list, many people in your family, friends, or acquaintances won't even know you are getting married. That makes the Instagram online accessibility of photographs all the more critical. Shouldn’t the world know how lovely your hairdo looked that day? Or how gorgeous you looked in your beloved wedding dress? And of course, you're truly magnificent three-tiered classic vanilla cake? That is where wedding hashtags come in and play. They play a vital role in getting the beauty of the festivities out there for the world to see. 

Use Your Wedding Hashtag To Organize Photos & Social Media Posts Before, During, And After The Event

Think live streams of your micro-wedding, countless videos, candid photographs, and memorable moments all with the people you love most and probably none of the people you don’t like. A brilliantly crafted wedding hashtag or set of hashtags, for that matter, means everyone at the event can easily access the photos wherever they are shared and reshare them widely as well on posts and stories. No one will need to ask anyone to send them event pictures!

Wedding preparations
Use Your Hashtag On Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are another opportunity to showcase your uniqueness. Just like you’ll have opted for colors, tints, words, patterns, and embossing on the invitations to your liking, your wedding hashtag is a kind of identifying stamp for people to use to discuss your wedding. 

Use It Throughout The Wedding Planning Stages

A wedding hashtag is incredibly versatile. You can use it at every step of the wedding planning and setup. It can be on the cake, on banners, and on signage. It can even be on party favors and the bridal sash! And whoever said it couldn’t be on the wedding napkins. If a wedding hashtag is good enough, you can use it everywhere with confidence and poise. 

Use It On Your Photo Booth Setup

Photo booths are a much-loved party tradition as well as a favorite activity at weddings. Photo booths are a much-loved party tradition as well as a favorite activity at weddings. So, if you have a photo booth at your micro-wedding, use your wedding hashtag on props! 

Photo booth setup
Use Your Wedding Hashtag After The Wedding To Celebrate Other Milestones

When you’re happily married, expecting your first child, or celebrating your first anniversary, you can reuse your wedding hashtags. Adding new milestones to your social gallery is a great idea! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look back and reuse a ‘Mr and Mrs’ hashtag or a much-loved quote hashtag to reminisce about how magical your wedding day was? Not to mention a wedding hashtag gives other important events in your life some continuity. It's like a highlight reel. 

A Personalized Online Wedding Album

Your micro-wedding is an amalgamation of your likes and dislikes. It comes to life while infusing it with your preferences, personality, and devotion to your partner. A wedding hashtag is also a symbol of all these elements in your life. So, make sure it is unique and make it count.  And remember, it will give you joy for many years to come. Celebrating your micro-wedding with all of your friends and family with your online wedding photo album will make everything easier.

Reminder: schedule your wedding photos

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