Best Twitter Marketing Packages For Your Business

June 28, 2021

Social media have been a key part of growing both new and existing businesses for many years now. Twitter has entered the world of socials in early 2006 and continues to remain relevant in 2021. It's incredibly fast-paced and requires great amounts of wit and quick thinking in order to communicate with younger audiences. Let's take a closer look at Twitter marketing packages.

Twitter data

Twitter boasts 353 millions of global users in 2021, which means it has surpassed the estimates from the previous decade. The global distribution of the audiences on Twitter clearly shows that middle-aged people comprise its core reachable audience. The statistics regarding Twitter users are as follows: 25.2% are between the ages 18-24, 26.6% are 25-34, and, finally, 28.4% are 35 up to 49 years old. That makes almost 80% of the platform's users potentially open to purchasing products offered on the page.

Twitter is a popular marketing channel, although Twitter ads function in a different way than Facebook ads. One may quickly notice that the majority of advertising on Twitter is carried out organically, and relies on self-promotion. Moreover, Google claims that 80% of Twitter users are mobile app users. This has to be taken into account when e.g. redirecting users to your website or shop (it must be mobile-friendly).

Twitter marketing packages

Twitter is a very difficult platform to understand. It differs greatly from Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, and not only in the character limit. Twitter is designed in a way to facilitate short and keen discussions. Also, it allows the users to quickly share important news and links. Major Twitter accounts post up to 20 Tweets a day, while on Facebook or Instagram two posts can be too much to handle. This means that either your business needs a paid account manager or you should find a way to harness the algorithm.

Not every business owner can be on top of their game all the time, and that is where marketing and scheduling tools come in. As always in social media, insightful and interesting content is very important, and graphic art or photos are greatly appreciated. However, expert targeting and a foolproof marketing plan are just as important and will greatly influence user engagement and periodic results.

Are your requirements for account managing exceptionally specific? This article will help you figure out the best Twitter marketing packages for your business.

Best Twitter Marketing Packages #1: Viral in Nature

Viral in Nature logo

Viral In Nature is, as they put it, "Multi-Award Winning Social Media Agency located in Calgary, Alberta". The company was founded in 2013. They specialize in social media marketing for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn and more. What's unique about the company is that they say their work cannot be put into packages, because they always give their clients the best work. One of the mottos on their website says: "So you do what you do best, and outsource the rest!"

As they put it: "We manage your business social media with as little or as much input as you want to give us." Therefore, you can work out a business SoMe strategy with them that will suit your needs best. Their services include:

  • establishing goals and strategy and tailoring social media to your needs;
  • content creation;
  • social media publishing and management for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and more;
  • monitoring your accounts and driving engagement from 9am to 9pm MST, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (24 hours available);
  • advertising management and paid social media advertising;
  • relationship building and reputation management.


According to Clutch, the minimum project size of Viral in Nature is $1,000. Their hourly rate oscillates between $50 to $99. You can request rates for your project on their website.

Best Twitter Marketing Packages #2: LYFE

LYFE offers one of the best twitter marketing packages

LYFE is a social media marketing and management agency founded in 2011. They are an award-winning full-service agency located in Atlanta that focuses on driving sales revenue and ROI. Their advertising caters to small business owners as well, and they also focus on increased brand awareness and conversion optimization.

Their services include but are not limited to:

  • social media marketing,
  • social media advertising,
  • SEO services,
  • PPC management,
  • e-mail marketing,
  • video animation,
  • web design,
  • search engine marketing.


On their landing page, LYFE claims that on average their social media management costs sit between $550 to $1000 per month. They assure that the fluctuations in costs depend on the number of posts a day/a week and on how many platforms they will manage. Moreover, their hourly rate (according to Clutch) ranges between $50 and $99.

Best Twitter Marketing Packages #3: i76 Solutions

i76 Solutions was founded in 2013 in Philadelphia as a digital marketing company. Through the years it evolved into a full-service marketing agency. They were one of the first Google Partners in the United States and now they are also a Facebook Marketing Partner. In addition, the company takes part in volunteer work for habitat conservation. Among their clients there are big universities, such as University of Virginia and University of Florida. Plus, Clutch shows that i76 Solutions has gathered numerous loyal clients that have been working with them for 3+ years.

Their full scope of work includes but is not limited to:

  • strategy and consulting,
  • media services,
  • website design and development,
  • social media marketing,
  • digital marketing,
  • paid ads,
  • SEO services,
  • SEM services,
  • lead generation,
  • creative services,
  • video production.


The minimum project size (according to Clutch) to work with the company is $1000. What's more, i76 Solutions offers hourly rates ranging between $150 and $199. The agency has not disclosed their pricing to the public on their website.

Alternative tool: Postfity — intuitive social media scheduler with content ideas and in-app analytics

Postfity launched in 2014 as a user-friendly social media scheduler and evolved into a powerful social media management tool for both individual creators and business teams. Postfity works for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Vkontakte (a popular social media platform in the East). It works both for computers and mobile devices, and enables you to plan and manage your posts and Tweets weeks or months ahead. Whatever you want to do on social media, it will be easier with Postfity.


Do you need to write down some post ideas first to know if they will work or not? Or maybe you work with a team? Postfity makes drafting easy with their editing, managing, and packaging functionalities and features. You will never have to concern yourself with post ideas scattered in different notepads and apps. Provided your or your company's accounts are linked to Postfity, you can choose to draft posts for each or every of them in just a few minutes.

drafts postfity

Finally, your drafts can later become your desired posts on the selected platform (or on all platforms, after some modifications). You can see them as a list or in the form of a calendar. You can set multiple posts for each date and choose the exact minute your post will be displayed on your account.

Substitute pricy Twitter marketing packages for Postfity online scheduler

Easy tagging

You can use built-in Postfity mentions to tag any user on the platform. First, you simply need to type some letters and wait and see the list with account suggestions pop down. Then, you pick the right one and that is all! You will see your desired mention in your draft or scheduled post.

Substitute pricy Twitter marketing packages for an affordable scheduler that is Postfity

Other features

What are some other Postify functionalities that will make social media managing and post scheduling easier?

For starters, you can reuse or multiply each post you have written in Postfity. That comes in handy when you have a planned sale or intend to periodically remind your audience about an upcoming event. After multiplying the post, you will see each one separately in the calendar.

Multiplying a Postfity post will make Twitter marketing easier

Do you need help with editing graphics? You can set a watermark for your company's posts in Postfity. Most importantly, Postfity's built-in graphic editor will make working with stock photos and templates much simpler for you or your team. And speaking of the team, Postfity has dedicated plans for those who believe that teamwork makes the dream work.

Manage teamwork in Postfity

In addition, Postfity will accomodate teams with different ranks and access levels, and facilitate post and draft approval. What is more, you can send the post for approval to someone who does not have a Postfity account! This functionality works great paired with the packages option that allows you to send multiple drafts/posts to someone outside your team.

There are numerous other benefits to using Postfity, such us the UTM codes feature that enables the user to track analytics. Moreover, you can use the Postfity chrome extension to make your post scheduling more convenient.

Finally, there are a few more reasons to join Postfity today:

  • affordable price in comparison with similar available tools,
  • competitve, fast, and user-friendly interface,
  • Social Tips Calendar that gives you daily templates and ideas for posts,
  • ability to reuse and repost from archives,
  • publishing to multiple accounts at once.
Social Tips Calendar: July edition
Social Tips Calendar: July edition

Final words

Now its your time to assess your spending budget and choose the perfect option for you and your business, using the information provided in this article. Make the right choice and see the accounts grow before your very eyes!

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