Best Tweet Ideas for January - What to Post on Twitter in January?

January 15, 2020

January comes with a motivation of its own. It is that time of the year when our stars take a major shift. Making resolutions becomes a norm; aims you wish to fulfil and achieve in the following year motivate everyone. Maybe this year you will finally lose the extra pounds you had wanted to lose after Christmas holidays. You can finally attend university, start a new business, or even learn how to drive. January marks the beginning of a new year, a new you.

With respect to businesses, there is a lot to consider. With our calendars marking 2020 also sheds importance on how social media will go through a lot of changes in this year. Social media applications will be adapting to the latest trends, instigating businesses making changes in their strategies concerning social media marketing (SMM).

Starting in January, businesses need to pick up their pace and start working on their content plans.

So, with January 2020, what should businesses post on Twitter? Here are a few tips you can follow:

1. Interact with Your Consumers/Followers

As Vasyl Kafidoff says, a writer and also SMM manager at WritingMetier: "Engagement in SMM is very important and on Twitter, it matters to the fullest. Engage with your followers by starting a question and see how your engagement jumps. When you keep the question short and concise, followers respond quickly without putting a lot of time to think." Here is an example:

Or you can do the oldest “retweet vs fav” trick.

Center your questions around January, the New Year season and similar aspects. Basically, you need to remind your consumers that after the festivities and winter break, they need to resume watching your show or shopping from your brand. The more you engage, the more your chances of appearing on a timeline (TL) of potential masses increases.

Interacting not only helps with engagement but also establishes a relationship with the masses. If you want people sharing thoughts or concerns regarding your business, start a conversation. This is a highly recommended option as this will act as your chance to get attention and effective relationship building. Such an engagement will go a long way and will strengthen your social media presence as well.

2. Weight in on January Blues and New Years' Resolutions

January blues affect a lot of people. People resume getting back to their routines; work or college. There are mounting bills of all the shopping you did for the seasonal festivities. This potentially leads to people not buying enough of your service or product. Conclusively, January is like a wake-up call for businesses as well as consumers. However, you need to make sure that your content is appealing enough to the consumers. Remind them how January is the beginning of the New Year, a new chance of changing your life. Remind them how your product or service can help them get the beginning of the year they want to have.

With people having new resolutions, make sure you meet them properly. For example, if you have a protein powder business, the start of the year will be an excellent time to maximize your sales since people will have weight-related resolutions.

3. Market Yourself but... Don’t Always Market Yourself

Here’s a tip that you need to follow throughout the year. In the above-mentioned example of Netflix, they have market themselves in a very subtle manner. They are not mentioning their prices or information regarding the platform but engaging with the masses with the common perception of how people use Netflix as freeloaders.

When you target Twitter as a platform for SMM, you need to remember that your content should not always market you. What is considered as a big no-no is that if you blare yourself constantly.

There needs to be a mix on Twitter. Add blog posts, videos and relevant content that meets the requirements of your niche. Quote and retweet the tweets of users that meet your marketing standard. Remember, you need to engage as much as possible.

4. Target the Festivities

Of course, it’s the beginning of 2020 and of course, you plan to do something new. As an example, here’s what German club Borussia Dortmund did:

In order to welcome 2020, the German club launched their English Instagram channel (announced the news on Twitter). At the same time, they also advertised a signed jersey for a lucky winner who will follow the page on Instagram.

Now, why did the club wait till 2020 to announce this news? Because businesses need to honor festivities that are celebrated all over the world. Consumers like being associated with a product or service that celebrates such festivities.

5. Keep Up With The Trends

Keeping up with trending content gives brands a chance to sound relevant and fresh. For example, the decade challenge was seen all over Twitter before the end of 2019. Here’s what English football club Chelsea did:

Their current manager, Frank Lampard is deemed as a club legend for Chelsea FC. To engage with the audience as well as while incorporating new ideas, they followed the decade challenge.

A trend usually begins every now and then. This means that your social media handlers need to keep their eyes open and engage with the trend that will take place in January. If you implement it properly, you will see how it increases your followers and engagement as well.

6. Integrate Media Options on Twitter

Now, this is a tactic which if you implement properly, you will not have to pay a dime for your marketing. Media outlets present on Twitter find the platform as a tool for sources and stories for their own platform. With the trending stories and hashtags, you can easily connect with bloggers and journalists by making yourself the center of the news. This will build your brand image and consumers will see you as a brand, which has a space in media as well.

7. Share Videos as Much as You Can

If you feel you have nothing to write as a tweet, videos have got your back because on Twitter, they work like magic. 82% of Twitter users enjoy watching a video, making it 6x more than users re-tweeting a picture and 3x times more than GIFs. With videos come a lot of opportunities you can add to your profile. You can share the behind-the-scenes or upcoming surprise teaser of your business on your profile. You can also share a video related to a trending subject so that you become a part of the latest trends. Finally, you must ensure that the video begins with a band and is short and concise.

So, in 2020, you will be making posting a video a habit.

8. Tweet Something Inspiring

post something inspiring

Wanna capitalize on the New Year's Resolutions? Post inspirational and motivational quotes that will help your audience get back on track when feeling disappointed with themselves/ overwhelmed.

Where to find a source of inspirational quotes for your January Tweets?Head to Postfity (you can create a free forever account here) and use our ready-to-use post ideas in the Social Tips Calendar with inspirational quotes for every day of the months!

Again, this will increase your engagement and we definitely want our inspiring tweets on as many TLs as possible.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to start your year by integrating the best content with the best techniques. None of this impossible; in fact, given how massively social media trends will change, you need to make sure that you start early and continue with the quality content until the end. Remember, take this early step as a resolution for your business and keep up with the trends on Twitter. You will go a long way!

Author bio: Vitalii Anufriiev

Vitalii is a blogger and a CMO at WritingMetier and educator by profession. He teaches Management to university students and believes that the future will be digital. He encourages businesses to have a strong social media presence and imply the latest trends of SMM. Aside from educating, he is passionate about football and believes that Manchester is RED.

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