Best timing for social posting - tips.

September 11, 2014

How to plan your posts?Before you start to run your own fanpage you need to define your target group. It`s essential to know their lifestyle: what they like, what they do and when are their using SM. With this knowledge you will be able to create a perfect plan for your posts and make your SM campaign more powerful and fruitful. The same comes over the email marketing campaign.Basically there is no specific formula to define the best time to post, because everything is measure individually. Firts of all, you need to create a brief picture of your potential customer: age, gender, work, studies, blogs, books they read, food they eat, places they go out etc. After you will do all that you will be able to understand how to reach them in social media. Of course before strating your regular post routine, remember to test your hypothesis again and again until finally you will choose the best and most effective model for your business fan page.However there are some general average techniques you can use.1. FacebookMany researches about FACEBOOK has been done.As a result it turned out that the best timing is:a) during the second part of the week -> after the dinner or in the morning -> at the beginning of the working day

Time facebook

As you can see, a lot depends on the goal you want to achieve.Additionally keep in mind that users mainly are more active during the weekend, then during the working days. If you look on any fanpage, you may notice that people spend time on facebook mostly on Saturdays. You can even take a look on your own activity log and most of us do the same, we share content mainly during Saturdays.As you probably know the “age” of your post matters on facebook, by age of the post could be defined by the period of time which passed from the time you have left your post. Keep in mind that period of time which have passed from the moment when you left your post is so called age of your post. Facebook recently added Story Bumping feature, so the age of your post does not have such a significant influence as how popular it is among your subscribers. It means that the most popular ( higher amount of likes and comments) posts will appear on your timeline. However also take into consideration the “age” of your post, because the most probable that you will not find those which were posted 4 month ago.Users usually are more active (around 15-20%) during Wednesdays and Fridays. The reason probably is that statistically people want to work less on Fridays and Wednesdays, so that’s why they spend more time in social networks.2. TwitterBasically Twitter is more popular abound mobile phone users, so it is difficult to set a specific time to post, because people usually have their phones with them.Integration between customer and brand is higher during weekends, however integration business-to business is higher during weekdays. Take this into consideration defining your target group.

Time facebook (1)

3. EmailingHere we can consider which part of the day fits the best for email marketing. Accordingto the reserach made by Dan Zarell (HubSpot) was made the following infographics. This statistic raises the curiosity why between 15:00-17:00 people react better on the financial offers, well the answer is because at this time most of the people thinking about their financial situation and plans.

Time facebook (4)

One more interesting advice from Mark Schuster: write emails on Monday morning.He explains that the probability that his mail will be on the top of the mails list grows ;)

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