What are the Best Times to Post on Social Media?

June 26, 2017

Sometimes you may have great material, select best images, raise a very interesting and original topic... but the post gets little to none engagement, while the previous post, linking to an old and outdated article is gaining more popularity.

Things like this can occur when you post content at random time of a day or in all of the social media channels at the same time. How to avoid such mistakes?

CoSchedule Blog made a brilliant analysis of data taken from 16 different studies, which can help You to schedule posts to gain the biggest audience possible.


with Postfity it's easy to schedule different time of posting for each channel separately


Facebook is a massive platform, on which it's very easy for your post to be unseen for the potential receiver in the feed of hundreds of other posts. That's why it's very important on this platform to understand how often and at what times people tend to use it and react to the stuff they see.

According to Social Bakers, main rule that needs to be remembered is to post less than twice a day and more than twice a week. Due to their research brands that don't follow this rule either don't make a bond with receiver due to lack of activity or irritate their audience with spam-like content.


Most popular brands on Facebook, on average posts only 1 thing a day

This rule doesn't apply to media brands which use social media feeds to deliver the actual news. In this case, daily post count will always be dependable on the amount of important news from a specific sector.

With the information that it's advisable to post only 10 things a week on Facebook, it's crucial to choose only valuable and quality material - keeping in mind that it will probably be the only information from Your blog or Facebook page, that someone will see that day.

The best time to post on Facebook:


To have more personalized results - just check when your audience is online. Go to page management on Facebook, click on "Insight" menu and then select "Posts". Clear graph showing at what time your fans reacts and see posts will be displayed.



It may seem that due to its short and expressive form of messages - people tweet just at the moment when they think of something or see something they wanna talk about.

Nothing more wrong! Twitter can be even trickier than Facebook to schedule post calendar. If you direct the message to other brands and businesses - then it's wiser to post during weekday working hours, but if Your main target is an individual - it's better to post during the weekend.

Did you ever notice something strange - tweet posted at a perfect time gains strangely little engagement? Maybe it's because of the same mistake that HubSpot blog author did.

Mentioning someone in the tweet usually is done like this:

@GordonRamsay What do You think of my breakfast?

It's common to think that by this you will gain the attention of the mentioned person and your audience will see this as well. But it doesn't work like that.

Starting a tweet with an "@" instead of a character will make it visible only by people who follow You and the person you mentioned


Always start tweets with a character



When posting something on the "professional" network, you need to understand who and when is using it.

LinkedIn connects business people in their business relations during business hours. It should be obvious that people don't check their professional feed, with mostly co-workers and leaders of opinion, on Friday evening after a week of work.

What else should I know about timing?

There is one small tip, that can boost post coverage. When scheduling a post, always set the time of posting few (5-7) minutes before, or after the full hour - the time for new shifts, meetings, news in radio and other stiff events.

People tend to check socials just before or just after meetings, which can often prolong few minutes.

People always check social media in their last few minutes before works start - just before 8 or 9 AM, and they don't do it in first few minutes after they start a shift.

News in TV or Radio usually lasts for 5-7 minutes, and after those people check what they hear or want to check if someone else also has an opinion about a certain subject.

When you have clever and original content, and connect it with scheduling posts at the optimal time, it's nearly guaranteed to engage your audience like never before.

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