Best social media for artists

August 27, 2021

What are the best social media for artists? What advantages do those platforms have? See why and how you should be using them to promote your work.

Social media has become one of the most popular ways for people to communicate with one another and share their images, videos, and stories. These days, everyone is using social media for different purposes. For example, musicians often use social media to promote their music through songs or videos. Social networks like Instagram have made it easy for artists to upload their content straight from their phones so that others can view it on a variety of devices.

In this section of our article, we'll be looking at the best social media for artists that are available out there, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., and why they should be using them.

Why are social media important for artists?

Social media has provided artists with a new outlet for their work. It has helped them reach out to a much larger audience and make connections with people from all around the world. They no longer have to rely on the art world for sales and can be just as popular on social media as they are in galleries.

New technologies are changing the way people think about art. Today, people want diversity, so it's very important for artists to use social media platforms to showcase their work. And this is not only a good way to get your work out there, but also to learn about what other people are doing in your field of interest and meet new, interesting creators with similar interests.

How to create as an artist? 

This section will give you some tips on how to create content as an artist.

  • First, you need to be passionate and creative. You can't create good content without feeling the desire and love for your work.
  • Second, study the process of creating art. You should know what it takes to create a piece of art that is successful enough to sell in galleries or museums.
  • Third, continue reading about other artists' work and share your thoughts with them. It is important that you have a dialogue with other artists on social media or in person because this will help you grow as an artist yourself while also getting feedback from others' experiences.
  • Finally, if you are looking for ways to expand your artistic skills, consider taking classes at a local college or university.

What are the best social media for artists? 

There isn’t only one correct answer. If you want to gain a diverse audience, you should consider using different social media platforms. I am going to shortly introduce them to you. 

Instagram — best social media for artists #1

Instagram is a social media platform that has been used to sell products and promote businesses.

Example of art business on Instagram

There are many benefits to using Instagram for art sales:

  • You can show your work directly to your customers, followers, and potential buyers on the app. With only a few simple steps, you can be selling your art from anywhere in the world.
  • Instagram is usually a much more personable and intimate form of advertising than other platforms like Facebook or Twitter.
  • You can use Instagram as a place to find inspiration and see what's trending in the arts, which could help you get ideas for what you want to do next with your work.
  • It’s also an easy way to collect feedback on how people feel about your art before you even put it up for sale.
Example of feed of jewelry business on Instagram

Use posts to show your work. You can also use the power of stories and reels — i.e., to show the process of creation.

Make carousel tutorials and drawing guides

Provided that you are really proficient at one or other art style/technique, make yourself useful. People love getting free advice and tutorials, and since there are always beginner artists to attract on social media, it's time to shoot your shot! Be as informative as you can be while still being clear. Furthermore, answer all the questions that will appear in the comment section (if that's possible).

Protip: To boost your Instagram performance and drive traffic directly to your site or store, you can create a mini-site with links. And put a link to your bio. Read more>>

Twitter — best social media for artists #2

Twitter is a social media platform and as such, the best way to use it is as a platform for promotion. The key takeaway here is that Twitter is meant for networking and not selling.

Twitter's core function has always been to network with other people. Despite this, many people use Twitter as a tool to sell products or promote their business. However, remember that your followers want to get in touch with you because they enjoy your company and are interested in what you have to say about them- not just about your product/business.

Example of motivational tweet

A few tips on using Twitter:

  1. Be Grateful for Your Small Successes.
  2. Don't be Afraid to Appear Self-Reflective and Introspective.
  3. Avoid Being Negative or Hateful.
  4. Don't Over-Promote Your Music or Tour Dates.

Use occasional hashtags

Did you know that October 25th, 2021 is International Artist Day? Moreover, #InternationalAritistDay is a popular hashtag on TikTok, always trending on this holiday. Please note that this is only once-in-a-year occasion, so don't miss it! Find other hashtags and useful holidays like this one to cater to a bigger audience effortlessly.

Twitter screen from the International Artist Day hashtag thread

Facebook — best social media for artists #3

If you are a business owner or an artist, Facebook might be the most powerful way to promote your product. It doesn't matter if you're selling a physical or digital product, Facebook can help you to reach out to potential buyers.

Websites, blogs, and YouTube channels are all great tools for showcasing your artwork. However, they will not always be able to get you as many likes and shares as Facebook pages can.


Don't Post These Things on Facebook if You're an Artist

  1. Negative or spiteful comments towards other artists or artworks.
  2. Releasing creative work that is not complete to "get feedback".
  3. Neglecting to credit your sources (ex: music, quotes, images). 
  4. Showing "sales" posts — no one cares how much you make!
  5. Repeatedly posting about competitions, giveaways, and calls for submissions.
  6. Sharing anything without adding your own artistic perspective.

Instead Post These:

  1. Talk about your art projects and exhibitions.
  2. Share your artwork on social media.
  3. Post a band poster design you recently designed.
  4. Share your creative process through the blog or YouTube videos post.
  5. Share images of other artists you admire for inspiration.

Target thematic Facebook groups

If you're merely a beginner or want to make yourself noticeable, you need to find a niche. There are lots of art-related groups for nearly every style and technique. Share your artwork to multiple groups, and let people with similar interests notice you. If they really like your artwork, maybe they'd be willing to give you a shoutout on their fanpage or in their own group?

LinkedIn – best social media for artists #4

Not all websites allow different artists to sell their products or promote their businesses. Therefore, LinkedIn is one of the most popular sites for artists who want to promote their work or sell products.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site where people can create profiles and connect with other professionals in order to build connections in the industry. It also has a platform called "LinkedIn Selling Solutions" which allows users to post items for sale from their own company profile page as well as advertise products from external sellers.

Here are some tips on what to do on LinkedIn:

  1. Update your profile photo and make it the best representation of you and your work.
  2. Build your network with relevant connections in the industry.
  3. Join groups that are relevant to you so that you can meet like-minded people.
  4. Share your work, but don't forget to share other artist's work too .
  5. Ask questions and respond to others' posts.

Take advantage of eco-friendliness being trendy

This artist leveraged the "ecofriendly" hashtag and showcased her work on LinkedIn. It's always profitable to find your niche or the right hashtag to promote your artwork. General trends can be more popular or last longer, but at times people will only notice you in a smaller feed... even if you don't speak English.

Eco-friendly art on LinkedIn

Stand out and let others share your work

As some users have probably already noticed, people love sharing inspirational content. If they aren't able to make that content themselves, they usually share artists' creations. If you stand out, hashtag your work appropriately, and make something innovative — you might just earn a share on some popular LinkedIn account. Even businessmen love to switch it up a little and post inspiring new artworks to their timeline.

Artist Helga Stentzel having her work shared by someone on LinkedIn

TikTok — best social media for artists #5

TikTok became immensely popular during the first lockdown, and it's audience, as it seems, is evergrowing. Artists flock to TikTok to show off their talent and prowess, and people instantly take to new artists, whether they decorate cakes, make traditional paintings, or do tutorials on digital art.

Still, you need to be innovative and creative. Audity Draws found a niche for her humorous art endavours on TikTok, and now she boasts over 13.1 million followers. She creates digital art mashups of beloved animated movie characters, draws Disney villains as princesses, and entertains the public using her gleeful nature and stand-up-comedian personality. Moreover, the artist draws cherished animated animal or robot couples as people.

Turn failure into success

Mimo is a very popular artistic baker, however, she's still a regular person that sometimes forgets about deadlines. Usually she shows off her lavish cakes and impeccable taste. Nevertheless, one of her most popular TikToks is a... fail video! In this clip, Mimo captures how she tries to prepare a cake she forgot was ordered for that particular day. That silly little TikTok got 24 million views and 4 million likes!

Make it a challenge

Even if you're a small and relatively unknown creator, you can set yourself up for success on TikTok. Creativity is key when making an art-related video on TikTok. Additionally, people like a good challenge. Pavlovich, a small Polish creator made her TikTok appear on the FYP by adding a little twist to her daily drawing. She fished out random words ("duck," "piano," and "rain") from a jar with snippets, and made these words into a digital artwork. The ingenuity lies in pairing that particular piece of art with the right audio. As a result, she got 34k views, when previously she managed to collect only a few hundred viewers.

Leverage holiday trends and music

There is a relatively big niche for sticker artists on TikTok. Many of them use popular humorous tracks for creators, but sometimes it's not enough. Therefore, it's good to be aware of the purchasing power that comes with popular holidays and observances. Halloween music and art has been trending on TikTok since the beginning of October, and some creators use it to promote their Halloween-y products. Julia Pezowicz used the trend showing that "Halloween doesn't have to be scary" to present her new sticker collection that's available to purchase.

Final thoughts

Social media is an important tool for an artist to use. It is a way to increase your fan base and get your art in front of more people. But the most important thing you can do with social media is show off you being yourself.

It’s important that you be genuine and authentic when you use social media as a tool because it’s not just about selling a product, it’s about connecting with people, building relationships, and ultimately growing your fan base.

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