Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools in 2021

July 26, 2021

Businesses use platforms that have millions of users for marketing. It's important to remember that FB isn't the only social medium that can be used for that purpose. There's one channel that shouldn't be overlooked when thinking about B2B marketing and generating leads. That's LinkedIn — a strictly business platform that is perfect for developing your marketing and networking strategies.

Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 756 million registered members that provide a marketable, working-age demographic for sales and ad specialists. An overwhelming 80% of users are between 25 or over and those are people seeking job opportunities or establishing their own brands plus the middle-aged to senior workers that want to stay on top of their game. Moreover, almost 20 percent can be attributed to youth aged 18-24 that are just entering the market and are open to exploring newly available tools. This article will showcase LinkedIn marketing tools that can be utilized by LinkedIn entrepreneurs or aficionados of any age.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools

The 2019 LinkedIn tactical ebook gave us much needed insight into the platform's statistics. First of all, an astounding 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. This information must not be taken lightly. What is more, 79% of B2B marketers are of the opinion that social media is an effective marketing channel. Take advantage of that with the best LinkedIn tools available on the market right now.

Now, make sure you make the most of those apps and grow your business. Let's take a look at the best LinkedIn tools that can help you bring your strategy to life and drive better results.

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools: #1 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool geared towards obtaining relevant leads for your company or brand. It's advertising slogan tells the potential users that they can "target the right buyers, understand key insights, and engage with personalized outreach". Furthermore, the mentioned sales insights are supposed to help you utilize the information available before you make a decision.

Key functionalities

  • Advanced Lead and Company Search that helps you find the right customers and companies for your business profile.
  • CRM Integration that enables the user to automatically save the leads, target selling accounts, and log LSN activities.
  • Real-time Sales Updates you receive even for job changes.
  • Tags and notes for both your leads and your accounts that can be synced back to CRM.
  • An expanded list of who’s viewed your profile in the last 90 days.
  • A subscriber can reach users on LinkedIn with InMail Messages even without being connected to them.
  • Tracked Smart Links Presentations that help share your content in an attractive and convenient way.
  • Connecting through combined TeamLink network.


Billed annually, the professional account costs $79,99 a month, while the team plan is $108,33. If billed monthly, the plans are more pricy: $99,99 and $149,99 respectively. Then, there's also the enterprise plan with "advanced enterprise integrations" that requires contacting

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools: #2 Dux-soup

Dux-soup is advertised as a LinkedIn tool for accelerating lead generation. It follows the prospects on LinkedIn and then engages with those you select on LinkedIn automatically. Moreover, it sends them multiple, delayed, personalized direct messages. In addition, Dux-soup allows you control over all the mentioned actions from your browser and you can view the activities in your LinkedIn account.

Remember, as a LinkedIn user you may first try out their Starter Dux. It is designed to help you find prospects, visit their profiles, filter information, and take notes.

Key functionalities

  • Cost effective lead generation and easy prospects finding.
  • You can upload your prospect lists and download leads and share them.
  • Building a functional network with auto messaging, tagging, and filtering.
  • The tool provides support for LinkedIn Standard and Business+, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite.
  • You may download visited profile data as CSV and impot CSV into a preferred CRM system.
  • Dux-soup lets you set up multiple optimalized LinkedIn ‘drip’ campaigns.
  • Controlling scheduled automations and removing them if necessary.
  • Managing leads in your funnel.
  • Finally, it allows for workflow integration with Zapier or HubSpot.


Starter Dux is free of charge, and there is a 7-day trial for Turbo Dux. However, for individual users the Pro Dux plan is $9,92 a month, and the Turbo Dux plan sits at $36,25 a month. Then, there are team plans for $119 and $435 billed anually. Moreover, Dux-soup designed a special plan for agencies that costs $362,30 a month. You can read more about each one by clicking on the links.

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools: #3 Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a LinkedIn-oriented tool that lets you view which companies visit your website. Moreover, it helps you discover what they’re interested in and tells you how they found your website. Therefore, it will make searching for B2B prospects redundant. Instead, you will have driven prospects that are much more likely to convert. One important thing to note is that it has to be connected to a Google Analytics account.

Key functionalities

  • First and foremost, it helps you identify agencies and businesses visiting your website and see what incited them to visit it.
  • A very informative feature is showing you what that particular company saw on your site.
  • The tool facilitates obtaining prospects and leads.
  • Leadfeeder can be linked to your CRM, Analytics tools and email marketing. This will allow you to gather data and make reporting faster and easier.
  • One of its features is showing with whom you have already connected in relation to the company that was marked as a visitor.
  • Email alerts will help you stay properly informed at all times and act at the right moment.
  • Filtering leads and removing them when you deem appropriate. Moreover, tt helps you segment them and fish out the leads that have the highest potential.
  • Furthermore, the architecture is very open and the tool can be integrated with many other tools, including automation and scheduling tools.


As far as the price is regarded, Leadfeeder prepared a very limited, lite version of the platform that is available for free. Then, there are premium package options that start from 63 euros a month. In addition, you can read more about how they calculate the price by clicking the link in their pricing panel. Regardless, it's worth noticing that if they find over 5000 leads for you, the cost rises to 599 euros.

Alternative tool: Postfity — intuitive social media scheduler with content ideas and in-app analytics

Postfity is a tool that will make your social media experience more organized Postfity is a social media scheduler that launched in 2014. Now, it's a powerful social media management tool for personal and professional use. Postfity works for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Vkontakte, both for desktops and mobile devices. With this tool, you can draft, schedule and share your posts with clients.


Postfity makes drafting easy with its editing, managing, and packaging functionalities and features. If you use drafts to communicate with your clients regarding the prepared content, Postfity lets you send them for approval. What is more, you can package multiple posts and send them in that format. Every time any of your drafts gets a review, you’ll receive a notification both in the app and via email.

An alternative to LinkedIn marketing tools: Postfity

Social Tips Calendar

Postfity gives you inspiration for posts: Social Tips Calendar and Ideas. The calendar houses ready-to-use post templates with text, hashtags, and pictures or photos. As a Postfity subscriber, you can post directly from the calendar by clicking on the “Use post” button. However, remember that you can add whatever you'd like to the template and modify it in any way.

An alternative to LinkedIn marketing tools: Postfity with its Social Tips Calendar

This feature allows you to create minisites for each social profile or gather all your important social URLs in one place. In addition, you can make separate sites for your TikTok and Instagram, or make one account to share wherever you see fit. Generally, you can make as many accounts as you like. Moreover, there are statistics you can check for each entry for your and each account.


Snippets is a functionality that lets you add a text or many hashtags to your post at once. First, you must save a text, a hashtag, or a group of hashtags in the Snippets cache. You can name your Snippet however you like or just leave it as it is. Moreover, you can edit and modify them whenever you feel like it. Then, you can easily create a list of Snippets for each social medium and reuse them in your posts.

Postfity features: snippets

You can test Postfity for free for 30 days! Sign up and enjoy all the features!

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