Best LinkedIn Marketing Packages For Your Business

July 8, 2021

In the twenty-first century, social media have been an an integral part of business marketing. LinkedIn was introduced to the world in May 2003 and has remained an important employment-oriented online service. It’s a relatively slow-paced environment that focuses on quality content. How should one navigate it? Let’s take a closer look at LinkedIn marketing packages.

LinkedIn stats

According to the corporation's own intel, LinkedIn reached "756 million registered members from 200 countries and territories" in June 2021. What about the distribution of LinkedIn's global audiences by age group? As of 2021 the statistics prove that an overwhelming share of LinkedIn users are in the prime of the working-age group. Over 60% of users are between 25 and 34 years old. Secondly, another prominent group (19,3%) consists of youth aged 18-24. Finally, the users that are 35 or older make up over 20% of the global audiences on LinkedIn.

However, the total number of active LinkedIn users oscillates around 310 million. Last year proved transformative for the platform with a 55% increase in conversations on LinkedIn in 2020. Additionally, a striking 80% of B2B leads come from Linkedin. In cosequence, this presents an exciting opportunity for growth for a variety of businesses, but the platform is tricky. That is why some extra help, like LinkedIn marketing packages can go a long way.

Statista 2021: Distribution of LinkedIn users worldwide as of April 2021
Statista 2021: Distribution of LinkedIn users worldwide as of April 2021

LinkedIn marketing packages

LinkedIn is a very specific platform, and for some business owners, it can be difficult to understand and manage. It differs greatly from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, which one quickly notices on their own. Not only in the ambiance and the main purpose of the platform, but also in the preferred mode of marketing.

LinkedIn is distinctly civil and peaceful when you compare it to other platforms. Of course, that can be attributed to its very nature: it's a professional environment. It does not really facilitate keen discussions, and seems rather slow compared to Facebook. Most definitely, LinkedIn users do not just quickly share links, and there rarely appear any memes. There will usually be one thought-out post a day, as opposed to 15 Tweets daily with barely any time inbetween.

However, as mentioned above, LinkedIn is a strictly professional platform. Nothing you publish on this platform can be a half measure. That being said, having absolutely no sense of humor and posting strictly about business is not appreciated. Hardly anyone can tolerate constant self-congratulations from a business account. This means you should strive to find the right formula for your account. If you would rather a specialized team take over, read about the best LinkedIn marketing packages below.

Best LinkedIn Marketing Packages #1: Llama Lead Gen

LinkedIn marketing packages: Llama Lead Gen

Founded only in 2019, Llama Lead Gen quickly became a well-reviewed top advertising and marketing agency in 2021, according to Clutch's market assessment. In addition, they have been awarded for being one of the "Top Social Media Marketing Agencies" and "Top B2B Companies". Llama Lead Gen describes its team as "experts at paid social media advertising, marketing strategy, B2B, B2C, PPC, and all those other buzz words." Their primary focus is on social media marketing, but they are also proficient in digital strategy, and conversion optimization.

The company has experience with clients working in areas such as B2B SaaS, HR engagement SaaS, recruiting, pharmaceuticals, IT cybersecurity, and moving as well. Clutch estimates conclude that they have 55% of social media focus on LinkedIn. Moreover, they are a Facebook Marketing Partner and Google Adwords Certified. Llama Lead boasts an international team and clients from various countries from all over the world.

Its areas of expertise include:

  • social media marketing,
  • paid advertising campaigns,
  • ad copy creation, including content themes, and messaging guidelines,
  • marketing strategy with consultations,
  • account audits,
  • reporting and analytics,
  • A/B testing,
  • optimizations,
  • building and managing campaigns across all platforms,
  • re-marketing and conversion tactics,
  • marketing automations,
  • funnel creation,
  • B2B, B2C, PPC,
  • display, video, and mobile advertising.


According to Clutch, the minimum project size of Llama Lead Gen is $10,000. Their hourly rate sits between $150 to $199. You can ask about their rates via a scheduled call on their website.

Best Linkedin Marketing Packages #2: AdVenture Media

LinkedIn marketing packages: AdVenture Media

AdVenture Media is a digital marketing agency founded in 2013 and located in New York. They are one of the fastest-growing digital ad agencies in the world. Furthermore, the company boasts of "managing over $50 million in media spend". They are universally acclaimed and have been named A Clutch 1000 Global Leader Among B2B Firms Worldwide and belong in Expertise's "Top 32 Advertising Agencies In NYC" ranking. The agency focuses on pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and conversion optimization.

A great share of their client focus, almost 50%, is on small businesses. Moreover, they have gained Premier Partner Status, which is "awarded to agencies who have shown outstanding results for their clients over an extended period of time."

Additionally, on their website, AdVenture Media lists three main areas of provided services: paid search and social with Google Ads, conversion rate science, and consulting for teams and individuals. In those three listed areas a consumer will find:

  • enterprise AdWords management,
  • PPC for e-commerce,
  • Facebook PPC management,
  • landing page design,
  • A/B testing,
  • training and consulting,
  • Google Shopping,
  • Facebook and Instagram advertising,
  • remarketing campaigns,
  • programmatic display,
  • PPC account tunup and auditing.


According to Clutch, the minimum project size of AdVenture media is $10,000. Their hourly rate remains undisclosed. You can request a marketing proposal for directly through their website and await response within a day.

Best LinkedIn Marketing Packages #3: Intelus Agency

LinkedIn marketing packages: Intelus

A relatively young marketing company, Intelus Agency focuses strictly on LinkedIn marketing and lead generation. The company claims with their motto that they provide "LinkedIn Marketing Without The Hassle". They can help generate a network of investors, drawing leads from LinkedIn. Moreover, their strategic work can help gain more traction on the platform and develop a standout business page. Furthermore, their clients describe the agency as collaborative, dilligent and reliable, and praise the team for their communicativeness.

The company is described in the following manner: "Intelus helps you generate ideal clients on LinkedIn, without spamming inboxes or spending extra time. Premium content creation, posting, and personalized outreach". It has been awarded the title of Best Digital Marketing Agency in 2020 by Design Rush. Their LinkedIn marketing services are tailored to drive efficient growth on the platform.

Intelus Agency's services include but are not limited to:

  • content marketing on LinkedIn,
  • LinkedIn network outreach,
  • LinkedIn sales appointments and booking,
  • personal LinkedIn profile optimization,
  • LinkedIn company page optimization,
  • dedicated account management,
  • dedicated writing and design,
  • identifying KPIs & goals,
  • content strategy based on data,
  • establishing brand guidelines,
  • content creation, scheduling and promotion (both text and image),
  • replying to initial comments,
  • lead generation and categorization,
  • targeting and reaching prospects,
  • ongoing campaign optimization.


The company is very straightforward about its pricing and has a dedicated subpage with all the listings. Their content package is $899 a month and so is their outreach package. Joint plan retails at $1699 a month. Additionally, there are other offers, such as LinkedIn profile optimization for $299 (one-time fee).

Alternative tool: Postfity — intuitive and insightful social media scheduler with built-in multilevel analytics


Postfity was introduced to the market in 2014 as a social media scheduler with a user-friendly interface. In 2021 it became a powerful social media management tool for small and medium businesses and individuals alike. Postfity's scheduling and other functionalities are developed for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Vkontakte. You can utilize it both on computers and mobile devices. Most importantly, Postfity makes drafting, planning, and managing your posts easy and convenient. You can devise your entire posting strategy weeks or months ahead. Whether you are managing your own or your client's social media, it will be easier with Postfity.

Drafting made easy

Postfity will improve your drafting experience with their editing, supplementing, managing, and packaging features. Link your company’s employee accounts in Postfity, and work together on creating the best content. Thanks to Postfity, you can draft and schedule posts in just a few minutes.

Moreover, Postfity has also introduced Snippets! The newest supplementing feature that makes working within edit boxes for drafting and posts even simpler. You can keep all your relevant hashtag groups for LinkedIn or other platforms inside this handy cache.

Snippets in Postfity


Do you need to consult your drafts with someone outside the app? Or maybe you work with a team? Postfity will assist you in working with teams comprising members of various access levels. This will greatly improve post and draft approval rates. Want to know the best part? A Postfity user can send a post bundle for approval to someone who does not have a Postfity account! This means that the functionality allows you to send multiple drafts/posts to a person outside your team, and your clients.

Post approval with Postfity
Post approval with Postfity

Advantages of working with Postfity

There are numerous other benefits that Postfity can grant you, such as automatic link shortening, and UTM codes that enable tracking analytics. In conclusion, we will do everything to make your post scheduling more convenient.

There are a few more reasons to join Postfity:

  • Postfity's pricing is affordable in comparison with similar tools available on the market.
  • The user-friendly interface will make working on all your socials and posts more convenient.
  • Built-in Social Tips Calendar will surprise you with daily interesting templates and ideas for engaging and neat posts.
  • Above all, you can publish to multiple accounts at once.
  • There is a built-in watermarking tool that will help you keep your brand in the picture.
  • Postfity gives you the ability to reuse and repost from archives

At the end of the day, choose the perfect option for you and your business. Start your social media adventure with Postfity. Try it out — 30 days for free!

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