Best Lifestyle Hashtags for Social Media Influencers

Are you a lifestyle coach or social media influencer?

You need to be on Instagram!

And what is the best way to get your content in front of more people?

Add the right popular lifestyle hashtags* to your posts!

Learn what are the best lifestyle hashtags for coaches and social media influencers below:

# Twitter Instagram Facebook LinkedIn
photooftheday 741m 1414
instadaily 429,17m 123
cute 542,11m 198
love 2b 16.179
photo 308,83m 2449
me 410,4m 107
tb 513,68m 120
repost 441,25m 2283
friends 385,7m 2440
family 343,25m 10080
wedding 170,57m 1242
sunset 235,75m 227
handmade 186.06m 803
girls 172,51m 454
cool 158,42m 262
christmas 138,85m 3079
sky 213,34m 595
amazing 270,73m 3166
guy 178,21m 0
life 315m 27.327
happy 554m 5.188

engagement tactics postfityWhat are hashtags?

You have probably noticed all the ‘#’ symbols before keywords used by all social media to label the content of your post. Hashtags also make your content searchable by keyword to users.

Hashtags are now used by everyone. But few people actually do hashtags right, and using then in a wrong way can actually do more harm then good to your business.

Overusing or using banned hashtags can even get your account blocked (read more about banned hashtags here ).

To make your life even harder –  different social media have completely different algorithms when it comes to using hashtags.

You can learn more about hashtags for FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and Twitter here – in this post, we will focus on Influencer’s favourite – Instagram.

There are two kinds of Instagram hashtags:

  •  Most Recent Posts – latest posts arranged chronologically;
  •  Top Posts  –   trending (most popular) posts by likes and comments (2 hours within posting);

In your hashtag strategy, you should choose which hashtags you will be aiming for based on the number of followers you have and how engaged they are”

If you’ve only just started and don’t have a massive following – go for the less popular hashtags at the beginning, so you can face less competition and grow your following.

How many hashtags should you use on Instagram?

30 hashtags (that’s the limit). Make sure you use only those that are relevant to your audience and photo.

Where should you put your hashtags? 

Use hashtags in your post or/and in the first comment (no difference for organic reach).