The Best Facebook Christmas Post Ideas For 2020 (With Examples)

The Best Facebook Christmas Post Ideas For 2020 (With Examples)

The Christmas season is usually an eventful period on Facebook with lots of merry christmas wishes, event invites and sharing of gifts. This year, there will be more virtual events happening on Facebook than physically due to the coronavirus pandemic. For a business, this is the best time to wear your Facebook marketing suit and get some Christmas post ideas to drive engagement, generate leads and sales for your company.

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To avoid hassle, you can schedule your posts in advance. Plan all conetnt: text, images, videos.

Last week we looked at how Twitter can play a role for your business this Christmas. In this blog, we discuss the best Facebook Christmas post ideas to help ramp up your marketing strategy. We have divided them into 10 ideas as follows:

  1. Contests
  2. Giveaways
  3. Check-in contests
  4. Support local organisations
  5. Share how you are giving back
  6. Host a Facebook event
  7. Holiday tips
  8. Holiday sales and promos
  9. Gift guides
  10. Appreciate employees

1. Contests

Facebook contests are a great way to create engagement with your audience, increase your number of page followers and generate leads.

The trigger to get people to participate in a contest is a prize. You can run the contest over a period of 2-3 weeks to allow the post to get maximum exposure. If you are targeting a Christmas contest post, now is about the right time to kick it off so that it is done by Chrsitmas. Jot down interesting contest ideas and get started.

Make sure that liking, commenting and following is part of the contest procedure. The posts that get more likes, comments and follows usually get more exposure on Facebook. It is the best way to increase post impressions.

2. Giveaways

Christmas is the time to give. For a business, there will never be a better time to conduct giveaways.

There are various reasons for giving away something; but when it comes to Christmas, you don’t need to struggle for a reason. Christmas is reason enough.

For the example below, Becc’s Bikkies is doing a giveaway because it is the company’s first anniversary.

Some things to like about this post include:

  • The value proposition is very clear – you get one customized 11-inch cookie cake.
  • You tag new friends each time you enter the giveaway – this increases the post’s exposure.
  • Like or follow the brand on Facebook or Instagram.

These tips used in this giveaway can apply to any Facebook Christmas giveaway too. If you run an ecommerce company, you need giveaways plus other Christmas marketing strategies.

3. Check-in contests

Check-in contests on Facebook work great especially for brick and mortar stores, restaurants, hotels, resorts, etc. When a Facebook user comes to your restaurant and checks in via Facebook locations, the check-in is posted on their newsfeed therefore publicizing your restaurant to their friends.

Running a check-in contest where you ask people to check-in to your restaurant to win a prize is a great way to amplify your brand or holiday resort.

4. Support local organisations

Do you know of any local organisations that are doing great work in the community? Use your audience to spread the message about their work and achievements. Share their current and upcoming projects.

To prepare for this, it is a good time to follow pages of these organisations and share their posts on your page as well. In addition, you can support them by joining their cause through donations.

5. Share how you are giving back

Giving back to the community, people, or charities is something to be very proud of. The Christmas season is the best time to share about your giving back projects. It is good for your audience to know that you care about people, climate change, animals, safety, etc.

Whether you are partnering with an environmental charity to plant more trees, volunteering to help in children’s homes or pushing a local fund drive for the needy, your audience would love to know.

6. Host a Facebook event

A real cool idea right now is hosting a virtual event. Because of the pandemic, this is going to be the norm during the 2020 Christmas season and for the foreseeable future.

To host an event virtually doesn’t take a lot of resources as it would physically. Set yours up and let your community know about what is going on with you this season.

In our example below, the virtual event is a kids Christmas art event that will happen just before Christmas. The small business running this event is involved in art, design and crafts for children’s items.

7. Holiday tips

Your Facebook audience could definitely use some tips during the Christmas holiday. What are some great insights you can share with your audience over Christmas?

For instance;

  • Lawn care companies could share winter-proofing tips for gardens.
  • Veterinary doctors could share tips about feeding cats and dogs during Christmas.
  • Gyms could share recipes to keep people on track of their fitness goals despite the Christmas season being the moment to break a few nutrition rules.

The possibilities are endless.

post idea for facebook black friday

8. Holiday sales and promos

Sales and product promos are a Chrismas thing. If you want to do business with your audience over christmas, share about your sales and promos. If you don’t, your competition will.

A clever tip is to say that fans of your page get a special discount. This might lead to high engagement rates and Facebook page likes.

Facebook christmas post ideas 4

9. Gift guides

Your audience is going to buy a lot of gifts for people and communities during Christmas. It is the best time to share about your gift guides and help them choose better gifts for their objectives.

10. Appreciate employees

What is a company without its employees. Use the Christmas season to write appreciation posts on Facebook for the team that works in your company.

Tell them what you appreciate about them and their work. This is a good time to deliver Santa through affirmations for your employees.


These are just a few Facebook Christmas post ideas you can create for your page. They will help with your marketing strategy, increased user engagement, generation of leads and increased revenue.

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