Best discussion posts for your fan page!

September 14, 2014

Best post categories for your fan page! When you are running your fan page, it is not only about you and your product or service you are talking about, but about the people who subscribes on for your page/news. It is of your interest to make more traffic on your page and engage other people in different discussions. You can easily increase the level of subscriber's activity on you fan page if you will use one of those posting tips. Below you can find more details about different types of posts and how one of them can solve the problem of users’ lack of activity.Tip#1 Questions from subscribersImagine subscribers asking questions on your fan page- this creates activity, and this is great for your SM campaign, however what should you do if there are no questions?Solution: Create a question day! Yes, you have read it correctly- announce to your subscribers that today or tomorrow is away hen they can leave any kind of question, this is the call to action which gives a fantastic result!Try to monitor the questions form your subscribers, in case, if you will find some on your wall - you may share it again and add something like „ New question from our subscriber”.Tip #2 Use current events/news in the worldThis tip give subscriber a possibility to engage into the dipper discussion of current world events. Some of those topics are like honey for bees. For example events about football, politics, new iPhone technology or movie will bring more fire to some discussions. But please be careful when you choose such topics in your post, because some of political or religion ones could be too delicate.Tip #3 let people share what they like the mostYou may be surprised how posts, which give people the possibility to share information about what they really like. It could be music, movies, technologies, sport, cars books, games etc. everything depends on the audience you have. Such posts could attract more subscribers into the discussion, so you can get more comments! Keep in mind that questions which will let people express themselves the will bring you most comments! Movies, music, cloths – these are some things which let people to express their character, visions etc.

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Tip #4 A request to share the opinionYou may leave a post to your subscribers asking them to share their opinion in comments. However there could be some kind of provocative article, so people will want to debate!You definitely know which questions create more debates in your field of activity or business- so use this knowledge, start a debate, you may even take part in it. Let people share information, give some facts, and share posts.

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