The Best Facebook Christmas Post Ideas For 2021 (With Examples)

December 15, 2021

Are you looking for inspiration for December posts on social media platforms? Want to see how others get hundreds of likes and dozens of shares? Read this article and learn how to design creative Christmas Facebook posts.

Christmas posts on your company's FB

First, you should focus on developing your company's fanpage. If you do not know how to set up such a page, there are plenty of guides available online on creating a fanpage. What content should be posted on this page? The most important thing is to get to know the market and the specifics of social media well. You need to figure out your niche, whether it's marketing, florists, small businesses, hotels, or any other business.

Remember that the Christmas Facebook posts presented here are meant to be an inspiration but should not be copied 1:1. This behaviour is bad looking on social media. Just use the subject of the post, remember the post layout, the photo frame, and prepare your own content and image as a base. Use the hints from each category to improve your texts.

Christmas FB Posts: #1 Show the Christmas spirit!

As we all know very well, the most important thing about Christmas is the unique atmosphere. Before creating Christmas Facebook posts, we need to understand what makes them so special. There are some solutions presented below that have worked well.

Present a festive website

If your business has a physical location, it is worth using that and decorating it with festive decorations. A festive arrangement in the window or a decorated cash register will be perfect. Remember to match the colours and patterns well. Christmas decorations are usually rich themselves, so don't overdo it... unless you want some controversy? Sometimes posts like this go viral because people ask others for their opinion about the photo. But then you must be ready for the criticism.

Exhibition on the website of The Children's Bookshelf
Exhibition on the website of The Children's Bookshelf

If you have a website, you can decorate it as well. Of course, bearing in mind that there's nothing more annoying on the screen than falling snow obscuring your information. It can be a simple cute winter addition to the logo.

Announce a surprise for Christmas

It is nothing new that people love to reveal secrets, announcements, or teasers. Car repair company Mopars5150 has announced the arrival of the holiday season in its own style. For Christmas, they have prepared leather jackets with a print for their team. In the same post, they also announce the so-called "12 days of Christmas" (which is 12 days before December 25).

Let this post remind you that you can celebrate the winter holidays at your company in your own way. Sometimes cute green, red, and gold decorations just don't go together. You need to know your clients and the audience on FB well and adapt to them.

Festive jackets for employees of Mopars5150
Festive jackets for employees of Mopars5150

Promote events

Since people are social creatures, it is worth targeting events where you can meet and talk. Of course, it will not work in every business. However, when it comes to bars and pubs where people build small communities rather than barricade at tables, this tendency can be used strategically.

I don't think there is a second month like December when it comes to the number of opportunities for celebration. If so, you can always come up with an extra day or simply propose a cocktail evening. In fact, you can create your own corporate advent calendar with events instead of gifts. Alternatively, gifts can be promotions or special happy hours.

A board like the one shown in the screenshot below can be processed graphically in an editor and the digital version can be put on the board. It will then be more readable.

Schedule of festive events at The Buff pub
Schedule of festive events at The Buff pub

Christmas FB Posts: #2 Use the popularity of Advent calendars

For several years, advent calendars have gained some popularity in November and December, and all that is thanks to YouTubers. You could say the authors of YouTube videos have started a real obsession with advent calendars. They made recordings of opening all the boxes at once, showing which ones were worth buying and which were a waste of money. For some reason, people really like this format, especially when it comes to beauty products or fancy goods.

How to use this trend?

Advertise handmade calendars

Is your business based on things you create yourself? In that case, you should plan the production of advent calendars in advance. Then you can plan the advertisement of the store using them during the holiday season. If it is too late for that, prepare a unique advent calendar and organize a contest where people can win it. Even if such a calendar is not available for purchase in a store, it will be a perfect advertisement for your skills and craftsmanship.

Christmas Facebook post - A handmade calendar from Creative to Life
A handmade calendar from Creative to Life 

You can also stick to a much simpler advent product that will be used for marketing activities. Let's take a look at the product of the manufacturer of wooden toys Likekonik. The more such calendars can be made and the more affordable the price, the greater chance of a successful advertising campaign.

One of Likekonik's Christmas Facebook posts and its calendar for counting down the days to Christmas
Likekonik's calendar for counting down the days to Christmas

12 days countdown with candies

Do you run your own bakery business or cafe? Consider creating a box of goodies to help you with counting down the 12 days to Christmas. As you know, cookies of all kinds do not have a very long expiration date. For this reason, making a calendar for the entire month is rather impossible. However, with the right selection of ingredients for cookies, the second option may be successful. That is, the countdown of 12 days to Christmas.

You can also show the ordering process in a video on Facebook Watch or YouTube and link the video in Christmas Facebook posts.

One of Sweet Temptations Bakeshop's Christmas Facebook posts - a holiday calendar with handmade cookies
A holiday calendar with handmade cookies from Sweet Temptations Bakeshop

Advent calendars in large companies

The best proof of the popularity of the surprise calendars is that big famous companies are also participating in this trend. You can see that these are not last-minute things, but perfectly developed and planned ideas. As for the graphics used to promote the post many graphics focus on showing the size. The whole box with small cardboard boxes is supposed to seem large, especially in the case of cosmetics, where the advertisement gives the impression that we are going to get only full-size products. In any case, you have to show what's inside!

Yves Rocher assure in a post that their calendar is useful.
Yves Rocher assure in a post that their calendar is useful.

You can also use graphics on the packaging, which then advertises itself on the inside. This is especially true in the case of toys, as it stimulates the imagination of children. In this case, the calendar is certainly aimed at adult children who were fascinated by the series "Back to the Future" at the end of the 20th century.

Playmobil advent calendar advertising Christmas Facebook posts
Playmobil advent calendar advertising Christmas Facebook posts

Promotions instead of samples

It is well known that in Advent calendars you put sample-size products or small gifts. Some people just don't like that. Besides, the preparation of such a calendar requires a lot of work. So, you can make a calendar of ... promotions! This is a very convenient solution because it does not require the creation of a new product, but also allows companies selling services or Internet tools to participate in the marketing advent.

So, if you want to prepare something at the last minute, then plan promotions for each day. Preferably for a different product/service every day.

Post advertising the Zooplus holiday promotion calendar
Post advertising the Zooplus holiday promotion calendar

Big countdown on the screen

If your company deals with broadly defined entertainment, you can make an Advent calendar in which the most famous movie hits are listed. Such a countdown will also work, for example, in a flower shop that is looking for an idea for Christmas Facebook posts. Then each day a bouquet inspired by the film would be created on the list corresponding to that day. You can then decide whether they will be festive or, for example, romantic films. The same strategy can be adopted by a bakery, pastry shop, or even a coffee shop. In any case, let your imagination lead you!

Inspiration for the advent calendar with videos from Your Christmas Countdown fanpage
Inspiration for the advent calendar with videos from Your Christmas Countdown fanpage

Christmas FB Posts: #3 Offer Freebies

This strategy has been working for many years. People love getting stuff for free. In the age of the Internet, we don't have to hand out physical products. All kinds of free e-books, and even phone wallpapers or animated stickers are perfect. However, such an action should be well planned in order to benefit from it as much as possible. First, you need to put the downloadable material on your website so that the page impressions are higher. In the post itself, it is best to say that everyone who comments on the entry will receive the e-book. Thanks to this, we will increase the reach of the post. Don't be afraid to ask for a heart or a share at the end of the post. You can also limit the offer temporarily and then offer the product at a promotional price for those who are late.

Post with the rules for getting a free e-book from the Przepisnik Qchenny  (Christmas recipes)
Post with the rules for getting a free e-book from the Przepisnik Qchenny  (Christmas recipes) 

Christmas posts on FB: #4 Make the most of Christmas photography

It is not surprising that all photographers during the holiday season advertise themselves with family holiday sessions. They have an amazing atmosphere and gain a lot of likes on social networks. However, not only photo businesses can advertise in this way. A Christmas session can be a great idea for, eg., presenting the company's employees in a chilled atmosphere. If you had a campaign like this to show the team, the Christmas charm could make your customers and followers feel even more positive about the company.

You can also make a giveaway among people who have purchased your products for a certain amount in a selected period. The prize would be such a mini session with a professional photographer. This can be a great way to increase sales and later advertise with photos. Of course, such competitions will allow you to benefit the most where people who dream about such a session do shopping. These can be stores with baby accessories, a boutique with clothes for moms, a stroller store, etc.

Christmas sessions in different editions            

Christmas FB Posts: #5 Attract tourists

Do you run a business in a town square or similar place that is decorated for Christmas? You can create Christmas Facebook posts in which you can show off beautiful decorations surrounding your cafe, restaurant, salon, bookstore, etc. Show that it is worth taking a look at your shop by walking the main street illuminated by lamps and flashing winter decorations.

Christmas video on the Moj Torun website
Christmas video on the Moj Torun website

Christmas posts on FB: #6 Advertise your business with a comic strip

You could say that comics have been experiencing a kind of rebirth for several years. Comic strips from newspapers are a thing of the past but the Internet has created new heroes. People like advertising with a pinch of humour, and comics are great to grab the attention of your feed viewers. If you have enough funds, outsource your comic book to one of the trending comic book artists. Artist like Dem enjoys unflagging popularity among younger audiences. If you are targeting animal lovers or the more general population, research the market accordingly. If you cannot afford the expense, find out if one of your employees would undertake such an assignment and allocate a small amount to promote the comic post through Facebook ads.

In the screenshot below, we can see how the cartoonist Magdalena Galezia, known as "Milozwierz", advertises her New Year's merch in the post.

Milozwierz Facebook fanpage
Milozwierz Facebook fanpage

Christmas FB Posts: #7 Use the power of TikTok

In this case, you can either make a video on TikTok or use the popularity of some TikToks made by famous stars. If you share your post then you can write about your business, team, offer, etc. However, if you decide to play someone else's TikTok, your post should somehow make a reference to it. The idea is not to waste the video's potential and not to circulate a post that is about nothing or that at first glance has nothing to do with the company's activities.

Remember that if you have no idea about TikTok and its trends, you should not ultimately decide on the form and content of the publication. Let people familiar with this social platform choose the track, develop the concept, and so on.

Famous blogger Perez Hilton shared a viral TikTok with Mariah Carey in a post
Famous blogger Perez Hilton shared a viral TikTok with Mariah Carey in a post

Plan Christmas FB posts with Postfity

Did you know that you can use a post planner to post a publication at a specific time on a specific day? This way, you can plan a campaign for a whole week or even a month in one day. Postfity gives you such an opportunity! What's more, this way you can plan posts not only on Facebook but also on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, or VKontakte. See what functionalities Postfity offers. You can try them today with a free trial period.

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