The Best Business Hashtags in 2019

May 19, 2019

How many times have you thrown a few hashtags on your Instagram post because you had no idea what to put on there? And it barely moved the needle with your engagement, followers and you sit there perplexed about the whole hashtag thing? It works for other people, why can’t it work for me? I hear you and I see you! You are not hashtag-inept. You just need a small amount of education and a bank of hashtags to use, which you will find in this blog post! Read on, future hashtag lover!

What you need to know about hashtags before you start

Truth be told, there is some science behind hashtags. Just because you have a favourite saying in real life does not mean that it translates to the hashtag world. #goodgrief

First, where can you use hashtags?

While hashtags seem synonymous with Instagram, hashtags can actually be used on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well. If you are using hashtags on platforms other than Instagram, keep it to two relevant hashtags as people won’t find your post unless they are searching for that exact hashtag. Using more than two hashtags not only does not serve you, it makes your content look messy and hard to read for your consumers. For the purpose of this blog post though, we will focus on Instagram because that is where you will find the most actionable and sustainable growth with hashtags.

Using Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram hashtags postfity

Let’s get to the meat of this shall we? Hashtags can be very effective on Instagram. Personally, I have gotten my Virtual Assistant clients thousands of views per post just by knowing how Instagram and hashtags actually works and doing a little bit of ideal client research.

Instagram hashtag

Not all Hashtags are created equal

Hashtag twitter

It’s true. The trick is for growth using hashtags is to choose quality hashtags. What makes a hashtag quality? It goes without saying that that hashtag is relevant to your niche, but beyond that, you want to use hashtags that have at least 10,000 posts already under that hashtag but no more than 500,000 posts under that hashtag. If you use less, not enough people will see your content. If you use more, your post will be drowned with all of the other Instagram posts and probably almost no one will see your content. Likewise, if you use hashtags that aren’t in your niche, you are basically wasting your time.


The question is to ask is what are my ideal clients or customers looking at on Instagram? What hashtags are they using? Who are they following? It isn’t about using hashtags as a space filler, it is about using hashtags that are quality in nature and your ideal clients are looking at. Furthermore, I see many people throwing about 5 hashtags on a post and hoping they are going to have some magical engagement explosion. If you are serious are upping your hashtag game, you need to use all 30 hashtags per post, and don’t be scared to throw in a hashtag in your Instagram story, this will massively boost your viewership. And finally, before we get to the best business hashtags in 2019, you want to make sure that you change up the hashtags you use about every week. If you continually use the same hashtags, Instagram will shadow ban your account. Meaning, none of your posts will show up on any searches etc and obviously, you will notice a huge decrease in engagement.

The Best Business Hashtags for 2019

The best Business Hashtags for 2019, clearly varies depending on what kind of business you have and who your ideal clients are. Something to keep in mind, it’s advisable to have 10 core hashtags that you use- like boss babe hashtags or start-ups hashtags and twenty hashtags that change more frequently - for example hashtags about mindfulness or self love depending on your target market.

General Business Hashtags

These hashtags can be used by any business owner, are generally non-specific but still fall into the 10K-500K guidelines that I mentioned earlier. #businesstip#businessquote#businessmotivation#businesspassion#businessmindset#businessplan#businessstrategy#businessmind#businessadvice#businessgoals#businesssuccess#businessdevelopment

Social Media Hashtags

Almost every business has to have a social media presence these days to stay relevant, these are the best hashtags that are pertinent to any business that provides social media expertise or services like Social Media Managers, Social Media Start-ups, Virtual Assistants, Online Coaches etc. #socialmediaqueen#socialmediaagency#socialmediaexpert#socialmediaguru#socialmediahelp#socialmediatools#socialmediadesign#socialmedianews#socialmedialife

Start-up Hashtags

can we feature you on our Postfity blog?

If you are in a start-up, or mentor people in start-up businesses, these are for you! #start-uptips#startupstory#startupideas#startupnation#startupworld#startupgrind#startuplifestyle#startupcommunity

The You-Can’t-Go-Wrong-Business-Hashtags

If you still feel a little lost in the sea of hashtag possibilities, know that knowing your ideal client is key, and that hashtags take time and consistency to see what works for your niche and your brand, that being said, if you are looking for basic business visibility, this list of 30 is a great place to start. Notice that I have 10 core hashtags that are pretty versatile and 20 that are a little more niched down. When making your own list of hashtags, this is how you should go about making them. I recommend that after you use a set of hashtags for a week, you use the anayatics feature in the Postfity Social Media Manager to see what kind of reach your posts on Instagram are getting and tweak accordingly. #bizowner#smallbizowner#homebiz#smallbusinesslife#smallbusinessbranding#smallbusinessowner#smallbutfierce#smallbusinessgrowth#smallbusinessrevolution#smallbusinessesrock#entrepreneurgoals#goalsetter#entrepreneurgoals#goalsaf#goalgetters#goalsmashing#goalgettermindset#mindyourbusiness#mindthegap#successminded#mindsetofgreatness#entrepreneurmind#millionairemind#mindfulllife#businessmind#mindpower#mindsetiskey#mindsetmatters#mindsetshift#positivemind#mindfood

Hashtags are always evolving

Much like the entrepreneurial world, hashtags are always evolving. Once a hashtag reaches the 500K post count, you should retire that hashtag and pick a new one. So, in summary, the Best Business Hashtags in 2019 are ones that you research and find are relevant to your niche and have 10K-500K post count. How did this post change your hashtag strategy? About the author:

Nisha Postfity

Nisha Ryan, also known as The Aligned Pretzel is a Virtual Assistant, 200hr Yoga Instructor and Orgasmic Energy Mentor. You can find more about Nisha at

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