Banned # on Instagram - 2018 list

March 20, 2018

Have you noticed a drop in the Instagram's reach?

Facebook - as a company - is still changing its algorithms, even every day your statistics can be changed. Although this time you might have used a hashtag that is banned. That’s right – BANNED. One inappropriate word can make picture invisible to most of the people, and for sure for the potential new followers.Hashtags can be banned forever, like the most vulgar words are, but can also be banned temporarily. The list we present below might be different depending on the localization and language.The biggest problem is that these banned hashtags might make your normal words not working. For the example: #love for #valentinesday when first is reaching followers perfectly, the second one is making post disappear in the explore section. Sorry Instagrammers!

Instagram shows banned hashtags in few ways:

  • Sometimes you cannot see it in the proposition (like the # is not existing).
  • Sometimes you can see the # and how many pictures including it but you are not able to see them - look at #boho.
  • Sometimes you can see some pictures from history, but all of the "recent" posts are blocked - #happythanksgiving

You might think this is ridiculous. Well... go to the B letter and be shocked as I was by banned #beyonce.We don't know what caused that ban, but we hope it was only because of the bad pronunciation.If you find other banned hashtags let us know in the comments! :)


  • Some hashtags are banned forever
  • Some hashtags are banned temporarily (so they might appear or disappear)
  • Using one banned hashtag could cause all other hashtags to not work anymore
  • If you want to use a “new” hashtag, check if it is banned before you use it


Happy to share with you a great tool for filtering out banned hashtags on Instagram!How does it work? Sign in with Facebook account and type your hashtags - app will automatically throw away the incorrect ones.Try :)

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