Planoly Alternatives ⁠— price, functionality, similarities and differences

January 13, 2021

Are you looking for Planoly alternatives? You've come to the right place. Planoly is a well known social media planner and marketing tool that helps brands sell more on Instagram and Pinterest by transforming social content to a link leading to the brand’s storefront. By default, Instagram does not support links so you cannot leave links in your photos or posts to direct customers to your storefront. You can only add a link in your bio.

Planoly enables Instagram users to link to storefronts in specific posts. In addition, it supports sharing the Instagram/Pinterest posts to Facebook and Twitter. Even with all its capabilities, Planoly is not perfect and has downsides ⁠— for instance, you cannot schedule independent Facebook or Twitter posts, they have to be the same ones for Instagram and Pinterest.

For marketers who need to address these downsides, here are alternatives to Planoly.

Planoly Alternatives ⁠— Table of Contents

  • Planoly Alternatives for Different Social Media Platforms
  • Planoly Pricing ⁠— Cheaper Planoly’s Alternatives
  • Planoly Value for Money ⁠— Which Alternative gives you more accounts, features and pending posts per $
  • Planoly Ease of Use ⁠— User-friendly Alternatives
  • Planoly Team Functionality
  • Final Thoughts ⁠— pick the best alternative based on the average best position

Planoly Alternatives for Different Social Media Platforms

Planoly supports the following social media platforms:

  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest,
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter.

 If you are in the market for Planoly alternatives to these platforms and more, keep reading.

Best Planoly Alternatives for Facebook

Planoly supports Facebook by sharing scheduled Instagram posts to Facebook. It does not support publishing content independently to Facebook. You have to publish or schedule for Instagram then share to Facebook. This also means that you cannot prepare a Facebook marketing strategy that is different from Instagram if you are using Planoly.

If you are looking for alternatives to Planoly that help you with Facebook marketing, here are 3 great options:

  • Postfity ⁠— Schedule and publish posts to your Facebook business pages in a simple and effective process. Track all your posts in one calendar where you can see everything that is queued to go out. In addition, Postfity has content ideas where you can pick any content idea, tweak it to fit your brand and schedule for publishing. Try Postfity for free today!
Planoly alternatives - postfity
  • Hootsuite ⁠— Schedule and publish directly to your Facebook profile or business page. Track the activity of your posts after publishing in order to understand whether the marketing efforts are paying off.
  • Buffer ⁠— Schedule and publish directly to your Facebook page. You can schedule or publish upto 4 images in one post on Buffer, as well as links, videos and normal text.

Best Planoly Alternatives for Twitter

Planoly supports Twitter by sharing your scheduled Instagram posts to Twitter. It means you cannot publish independent Twitter posts as plain text tweets. This is limiting for marketers who want separate content for Twitter and Instagram marketing.

If you are on the look out for alternatives to Planoly, below are 3 equally good options:

  • Postfity ⁠— schedule and publish posts to your Twitter private or business profile. Using the content calendar, keep track of what is publishing on which day and at what time. In addition, if you have run out of ideas, Postfity’s content ideas section will inspire you to come up with useful content for your brand.
Planoly alternatives - platforms
  • Later ⁠— you can visually plan and schedule your tweets to publish directly to Twitter. Later also gives you some insights into how your Tweets are performing.
  • Buffer ⁠— schedule tweets or publish them instantly while tracking their performance to weigh your marketing efforts.

Best Planoly Alternatives for Instagram

Planoly is a powerful solution for Instagram marketing. You can plan, schedule and publish your Instagram posts within no time. In addition to that, since Instagram does not support links in posts, Planoly will generate links for various items in your posted photowhere you can link to your storefront - essentially addressing the lack of linking ability on Instagram posts. This fucntionality gives Planoly an edge in the market.

However, for marketers who would like to consider other Planoly alternatives, here are 2 great options:

  • Hootsuite ⁠— This platform allows you to publish directly to Instagram or queue posts for publishing without requiring you to download an app or do any cumbersome setups. In addition, you can track the performance of your content to understand how to improve.
  • Buffer ⁠— Schedule or publish directly to Instagram without hassles, schedule and publish to Instagram stories and even track the performance of those posts.
Buffer channels

Best Planoly Alternatives for LinkedIn

Planoly does not support sharing to LinkedIn. However, there are other great alternatives to Planoly for LinkedIn marketing. These include:

  • Postfity ⁠— Publish or schedule posts to your LinkedIn profiles or business pages easily. In addition, you can track all your pending posts in one calendar to see what is publish at what time and day helping you keep track of your marketing efforts for all social media networks and accounts.
  • Publer ⁠— Schedule and publish to LinkedIn profiles and business pages and preview links before sending or scheduling.
  • Hootsuite ⁠— Schedule or publish posts to LinkedIn profiles or pages, track their performance and even target posts based on location, demographic, jobs, etc.

Best Planoly Alternatives for Vkontakte

Planoly does not support Vkontakte. If you are looking for a Vkontakte marketing solution, this is a great one:

  • Postfity ⁠— Schedule and publish your content to Vkontakte private profiles, business pages, groups and events. Track all your posts in a social media content calendar and know the time and dates your scheduled pending posts will publish.
Planoly supported platforms

Planoly Pricing ⁠— Cheaper Planoly’s Alternatives

Planoly’s lowest paid plan starts from $7 per month with only 1 user, 2 accounts (1 instagram and 1 Pinterest), one account gets unlimited uploads per month, while another account gets 30 uploads per month. Remember, for all their plans, you can only upload images, videos and GIFs to either Pinterest or Instagram. The lowest plan allows you to share the Instagram or Pinterest posts to Facebook and Twitter.

Planoly pricing

The marketer who is in search for alternatives to Planoly’s pricing and offerings is in good luck, because these 3 are great Planoly alternatives:

  • Postfity ⁠— lowest plan starts at $14.99 per month for a single user, 15 social accounts and 100 pending posts. It also includes a content calendar, built-in image editor, post ideas, and more. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Vkontakte. You can also start today for free.
  • Publer ⁠— starts at $10 per month with one user, 5 social accounts, unlimited scheduling, and analytics among other features. For every additional user, you pay $1 per month. For an additional social media account, you pay an extra $2 per month.
  • Buffer ⁠— starts from $5 per month for 1 user, 1 social account, and an unlimited number of posts. If you want to work in a Team, then you pay 10$ for each social media account.

Despite Planoly’s paid plan starting at $7 per month, it is not so cheap when you consider the offerings from the alternatives above. Postfity starts at $14.99 per month but gives you 15 accounts and 100 pending posts. Publer starts at $10 per month but gives you 5 social accounts and unlimited schedule for all of them. Buffer starts at $5 per 1 social account per month ($10 per social account in a team). These are all more accounts than Planoly’s cheapest plan.

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However, the most affordable option is Postfity for marketers that want to focus on more than 2 social networks, get more accounts and well distributed pending posts.

Planoly Value for Money ⁠— Which Alternative gives you more accounts, features and pending posts per $

Planoly’s plan starts at $7 per month, limits you to only 2 social accounts and specifies that it has to be 1 instagram and 1 Pinterest account. In addition, one account of your choice gets unlimited uploads and the remaining one only gets 30 uploads per month.

Planoly alternatives -pricing

In comparison, Postfity allows you to have 15 social accounts, with no restrictions on how many you should add for each social network, 100 pending posts distributed unequally to all social accounts, and support for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Vkontakte.

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Besides that, here are more features that you can get from the $14.99 per month Postfity plan:

  •  Precise posts scheduling
  •  “Post now” – fast publishing to multiple social accounts at once
  •  Built-in image editor
  •  Browser extension
  •  Calendar view
  •  Post Ideas – interesting and trending posts suggestions
  •  Covers scheduling – up to 7 covers scheduled at once
  •  Link shortener

If you calculate the cost per account from Planoly vs Postfity, you find that Planoly costs $3.5 per social account as compared to Postfity’s around $1 per social account. In addition to the extra features, ease of use and versatility across more social networking platforms, Postfity, therefore, provides considerable value.

A marketer that is looking for a tool to compliment Planoly should consider Postfity. This way you can have Planoly for Pinterest and Instagram marketing and Postfity for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Vkontakte. The tools complement each other.

However, for brands that are not so big on visuals and imagery therefore making Instagram and Pinterest poor choices for a social media marketing strategyPostfity is a great option for the other social media networks.

Planoly Ease of Use ⁠— User-friendly Alternatives

Planoly’s onboarding is simple and to the point. When you first sign up it asks you a few questions to understand how you plan to use the app. You are then guided to connecting either your Pinterest or Instagram accounts in order to start planning your content schedule.

Planoly welcome
Planoly dashboard

Marketers who are looking for easier or equally good alternatives should consider the following Planoly alternatives:

  • Postfity ⁠— onboarding is fast and simple. Immediately you see the dashboard, you know what to click to connect your social accounts, see the calendar, find the ideas calendar, etc. The app is fast and the user interface very clean and intuitive.
Planoly alternatives - postfity dashboad
  • Hootsuite ⁠— onboarding is simple but the app has too many moving parts and it easy to get lost in the app. However, if you stick to the pop-up onboarding messages, you should easily set up and start scheduling.
  • Buffer ⁠— simple user interface and does not need much guiding. Similar to Postfity, it is very direct. The onboarding makes it more easier.

Planoly Team Functionality

Planoly supports 1 user in the lowest tier ($7 per month) and 2 users in the highest tier ($23 per month). However, you can add more users under the custom plan with increasing costs per additional user. The features are the same across all the plans.

In comparison, Planoly alternatives have the following team capabilities:

  • Postfity ⁠— allows up to 20 teams and 200 members ($119.99 per month).
  • Hootsuite ⁠— allows 10 users for the business plan ($599 per month) and unlimited users for enterprise with custom billing.
  • Buffer  ⁠— for the same number of accounts as in the Postfity Agency plan, you would have to pay 2000$ per month.

In terms of team functionality and size versus price, Postfity comes out the clear winner here.

Planoly alternatives - postfity pricing

In conclusion, Planoly works well for brands that only focus on visual imagery on Instagram and Pinterest as compared to links or plain text posts. In this case, Postfity is a great alternative to consider for companies that are not trying to sell the items featred in various images. It is also great for the marketing strategy that includes sharing articles, links, images and plain texts to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Vkontakte. Lastly, for marketers who are looking for a tool to complement Planoly on the alternative social media networks, Postfity is a fitting option for that.

Try Postfity for free today!

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