Add watermarks to your photos – automatically!

Watermarking is one of the best ways to protect and personalize your images. However, handling them manually on each picture you publish to Facebook or Twitter can be time consuming.

We are glad to announce that Postfity now has a feature allowing to automate the process of watermarking your images.

Here is quick tutorial, how to setup automatic watermarking in Postfity:

Open your settings page – and follow these simple steps:

How to add watermarks - step by step

1. Scroll to “Watermark” section and activate it.

2 .Choose position – where you want your watermark to be placed.

3. Choose opacity – how transparent you want your watermark to be.

4. Upload your watermark file.

This way you can setup separate watermarks for each social account that you have connected to Postfity.

Watermarks are available for both Professional and Agency accounts.