9 Twitter Automation Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

October 6, 2020

Twitter is an effective marketing platform for many industries — especially in technology and SaaS. However, manual posting on Twitter can be a real hassle - especially if you manage multiple Twitter accounts for different clients, or manage other social media accounts as well. So — to make your life easier — we've come up with a list of 9 Twitter Automation tools that will help you manage your Twitter efforts more efficiently, and in less time!#1 PostfityI don't know if you know but Postfity, aka our favourite social media scheduler, is also a powerful Twitter automation tool as well!You can schedule your Tweets with graphics, tag people and brands in your planned posts and even schedule vidos directly to your Tweeter stream.Here's a breakdown of all the things you can do in Postfity to save time and boost your Twitter presence:

  • Social Media Strategist Jeff Bullas reports that Facebook posts with photos receive an average 37% increase in engagement. In Postfity, you can create engaging graphics to complement your Tweets — with our image editor! The editor allows you to create graphics right in your social media scheduler — using our huge database of stock images, stickers, filters and fonts! No more context switching, more Tweets with images and higher engagement!
  • Life happens, so plan in advance — up to 10,000 posts in advance in our agency plan! That includes different timezones, so you can reach your audience wherever they are — regardless of where you are — even in your sleep.
  • Team work makes the dream work, so we have put a lot of effort into making sure you can easily collaborate with your team or VAs on your Twitter post calendar.
  • Measureing your results is key to success — that is why you can easily see your Tweets' performance in Postfity analytics. Compare the number of retweets, likes and comments for different accounts, types of posts, and times of posting on line graphs — to easily spot trends and optimize your Twitter strategy for highest performance and engagement.
  • Lacking inspiration? Grab our Post Ideas with interesting content and news grouped by industry you can reshare to your Twitter account with one click, or Social Tips Calendar — ready-to-use engagement posts with questions, CTAs and quotes for every day of the week — with the right hashtags. So you never run of inspiring content again ????
NEW corona social tips calendar
Social Tips Calendar in Postfity

Plus, you can also use Postfity for planning posts to other platforms at the same time — including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vkontakte and soon also Pinterest!

And the best part? The tool starts from only $14.9 per month for the basic account (in annual plan — and only $14.99 billed monthly). See how our different plans compare and which one would be best for you!

#2 TweetDeck

Aplikacje do Twittera: TweetDeck
Twitter Automation tools: TweetDeck

TweetDeck allows you to monitor various types of Tweets and posts published by the accounts you follow and send your own replies without having to open your web browser. TweetDeck simplifies the use of Twitter to a great extent: on one screen, you can see more than just a board of posts. You can customize the columns according to your preferences to view: likes, messages, mentions and even a list of trends. That way, you can streamline your work on each aspect — replying to all the new comments, messages, mentions etc., following accounts in specific category etc.This Twitter app will also find its followers among people who want to quickly check the latest news by seeing trends without having to click through different sites.

#3 Owly for Twitter

Owly is an interesting Twitter automation tool that provides a more extensive version of Twitter — which, in addition to basic functionalities such as publishing posts, also provides templates and removes the character limits. The most interesting feature, however, is the ability to control the tweet board and filter the content. You can add favorite followers and remove the Tweets you don't want to see.

Owly for Twittera

This Twitter application will meet the expectations of demanding recipients who like order ???? In the era of fake news and political crowd, silencing some posts — manual filtration can be a relief for our nerves.

#4 Uber Social for Twittera

Don't want to miss important Tweets? Use Uber Social! Twitter, like any application, has its own rules. Twitter's feed appear based on its algorithm, and while there have been attempts to filter the posts before, it has been met with dissatisfaction from users. Thanks to Twitter automation applications such as Uber Social, you can bookmark your favourite users and never miss their Tweets again — they will appear first on the board.

Twitter timeline view in Uber Social

Apart from having access to both Twitter and Facebook, you can have 'multiple personalities' on it — and add several accounts ;)

#5 Click2Tweet

As the creators of this Twitter app say — Click2Tweet is the easiest way to promote content and monitor the effects. And it's free. Click2Tweet allows you to prepare a ready Tweet for the readers of e.g. your blog or newsletter — and share it to their accounts with one click. Without having to copy or invent the content — there's a much higher chance your readers will share your posts.

Aplikacje do Twittera: tworzenie treści w Click2Tweet
Twitter Automation Tools: creating content in Click2Tweet

One click and you're done:

Aplikacje do Twittera: Click2Tweet
Source: Click2Tweet

C2T also allows you to track clicks on a given Tweet and/ or link. To sum up — you allow users to easily share content (by giving them a ready post with a link), and the effects in the form of the number of clicks can be viewed in Clic2Tweet. The application is definitely useful for people who do not want to faff around with UTMs — and at the same time want to know how many people clicked links. The advantage is aggregate statistics, i.e. all links.

#6 Tweet To Gif

Want to download an interesting video or gif from Twitter? Exactly... Twitter itself doesn't allow you to download videos and gifs, but you can easily do that thanks to Tweet To Gif. Just copy the link to the post and download the visual.

Twitter automation tools: Tweet to Gif

The files are saved in the application on the designated list. You can directly share them further without having to link to the post. This is another of the free Twitter automation tools we really love.

#7 Emojipedia

Do you want to express emotions, emphasize the message with an image, or find an unusual emoji? On the Emojipedia, you will find the appropriate face, expression or an object for every message you wanna send. In the era of different operating systems, software and apps, emojis sometimes differ significantly — here they are all coded in the right way for your destination device/app/os. Additionally, you have a preview of what the emoji will look like on different platforms.

Emojipedia: jak wyglądają ikony na różnych urządzeniach i w aplikacjach
Emojipedia: Emojis on different desives/os-es over time

In addition, you get a short history of the emoji you are looking up. Looking at some examples — they can serve as inspiration for the entire post ????

Krótka historia pieroga na Emojipedii
A short history of the dumpling on Emojipedia

Emojipedia jest darmowym narzędziem, dostępnym w wersji anglojęzycznej.

#8 Who Tweet It First

Curious who first tweeted about something you’re interested in? This page will check it out and although it may take a while, you will surely get some interesting information. For instance, the first Tweet about social media planning was Tweeted in 2007.

Who Tweet it First
Who Tweet it First

What can you do with this knowledge? For example, use it to create intriguing content :) You can also check if someone has already said exactly what you want or who is tweeting about the topic. You can use this tool for free.

#9 Tweriod

To reach your target audience, it's important to know when it's most active. That's exactly what Tweriod is designed for. You can analyze both your tweets and the tweets of your followers.

Twitter automation apps: Tweriod

This Twitter app analyzes both your tweets and the tweets of your followers. Thanks to this, you will get to know and understand your recipients better. You will learn when they are most active and at what time it is best to schedule your posts for, and thus — increase the effectiveness of communication.And these would be our top-9 favorite Twitter automation tools!Do you have your favorite applications that make publishing on social media easier? Let us know in a comment below!

Also: check out our 10 favourite Linkedin automation tools!

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