5 Tips for Brand Development on Instagram

January 4, 2016

1. Your client is your boss ;)• Show your subscribers how much you value and lovethem. You can do it by liking and sharing their best pictures. Also let's say once a month devote a post to one of your followers, who loves your product, leave positive comments and likes and most probable will agree to make a picture with your product and allow you to post it on your company Instagram page.• Try to respond to all comments, which you can find on your Instagram page (negative & positive ones)• Before publiching content, think of your clients and their lifestyle.2. Marketing is about creativity• Use filters or light effects while posting photo content. Similar to other social mendia platforms you should create and post a high quality content.• You cna also record short 15 sec videos and post it on your Instagram page.• Make pictures of your products and show your clients how they can use your product in everyday life.3. Create a product teaser• Are you preparing to show the world a new product/ web page or application? If so, you can use this opportunity and create a teaser of your new product: show how are you preparing it before entering the market, but still don't make it loose a msytery.4. Use hashtags #• We can talk about hashtags forever. However it is one of the key tools in social media.• Use # in your brand name, your marketing campaigns, special competitions and events, created for your followers. This will create a connection between a brand and your followers.• Keep an eye on people who use your brand name in their hashtags. Usually people do that in order to make you pay attention. You can comment their pictures and be involved into discussions. Monitor such users also in other social media like Twitter.• Try to asnwer as soon as possible


5. Communicate• Thee is nothing wrong if you can ask your followers a question related to your brand orcompany. It is necessary to receive more opinions and build relationships with your clients. Why? Because once you ask question, you start a discussion! Ask them to post pictures related to your product.• Ask your followers to leave comments, evaluate your product etc.• Announce a questionnnaire related to brand history or its qualities and provide the winner with a discount for your products. ( e.q. if your products are mobile phones or cameras you can post pictures of different device models and ask followers to asnwer which model is it and what is the main feature and strength of it).• Create a competition and make users to create the best quote related to the picture or short 15 sec video you have posted.• Ask your followers to post a picture of your product and tell their story and how your product changed their life. Announce that e.q. the best story will win a prize or a discount etc.Good luck! ;)

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