2021 Facebook auto poster — how you can 100% automate posting to your Facebook

September 23, 2021

Have you been searching for a perfect way to organize your Facebook posting schedule? Well, it's simple, really. You just need a Facebook auto poster to do most of the unnecessary not-content-related work for you. So let's see what can an auto scheduler give you.

What is a Facebook auto poster?

Do you need a tool that would automate posting the content you have created? An auto poster is just that — it's a social media scheduling tool that posts your social media posts automatically. You select the right timeslot and you define which accounts the content will be posted to.

Postfity — Facebook auto poster

What features should you be looking for in a Facebook auto poster? Find out below.

Drafts in your Facebook auto poster

What is the most crucial part of posting to your social media pages and accounts? Your ideas for content, of course! You should have a dedicated space for safekeeping those to be ready to use whenever you'll need them.

Let's say it's September, but you've got a great idea for a Halloween post. Where to keep it? In a Google spreadsheet? You can do it, nobody's stopping you, but... why bother?

Keep your ideas for posts in one place. Postfity has a special Drafts tab, where you can type in your post-to-be and save it for later. You just need to log in to your Postfity account, go to the Drafts tab, type in what's on your mind, and click "Add draft".

Drafts option in Postfity Facebook auto poster

Then you can see your ready drafts underneath the edit box in a separate section. There, you can choose to manage your selected draft. You can also quickly use it or delete it.

Saved drafts in Postfity Facebook auto poster

After clicking on "Manage", you gain the option to edit your draft and see comments on the draft. Where are the comments supposed to come from? Read the next section to find out.

Buttons that will let you edit, use or discard your draft in Postfity Facebook auto poster plus the comments section

Work in a team in your Facebook auto poster

What if you're not a lone ranger and you work in a team of social media managers?

Postfity allows you to work in teams with customized levels of access and permissions in Pro and Agency plans. You'll get to have 10 or 100 times more posts in the queue (compared to the Mini plan), and you'll be able to leave comments, manage your editors, and more. Furthermore, you'll be able to link 30 (Pro) or 200 (Agency) social accounts and gain access to advanced analytics.

Choose the right Postfity plan for you.

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Schedule posts to different time zones

If you run a fanpage or a business page on Facebook, then you know you can easily check where your audience comes from. It's advisable to use that knowledge to your advantage and post to the right time zones.

Postfity lets you plan each of your posts with the right time zone in mind. You simply type in your post in the "Create" tab, and then click "Schedule". This menu will pop up:

Facebook auto poster with time zone posting

See how easy that is? And that's not all!

How to auto post covers on Facebook?

If you want to schedule covers in your Facebook auto poster, then Postfity is the right tool for you. Schedule up to 200 covers and they will be posted on the selected date and at the right time (time zone scheduling is also available)!

You don't know how to use covers to your advantage in your e-commerce strategy? Read our article to learn about the power of Facebook cover scheduling.

There's a separate "Covers" tab in Postfity to manage your covers. You can even create your own image in our Postfity image editor as you go!

Scheduling covers in FB auto poster

How to auto post in groups on Facebook?

Do you manage a Facebook group? Or maybe several groups? Then Facebook group scheduling functionality in Postfity is clearly made for you!

Simply connect your Facebook group to the Postfity tool or install Postfity as an app on Facebook.

Then, you'll be able to use all the functionalities listed above (and more) in your FB groups.

Add Postfity app to FB group

Facebook auto poster analytics

Postfity allows you to measure all the important metrics in the "Analytics" tab. Simply choose a time period, an account, and learn how many likes, comments, shares, and link clicks you got. Remember, that you can select ANY time period you want (more than a week, a month, or 60 days). Everything will be shown in a neat graph form. What is especially useful, you can compare different metrics in the same chart.

Postfity FB analytics

Ready-made content for your FB

Do you sometimes struggle to find worthwhile engaging post ideas? Then check out Postfity's Ideas and Social Tips Calendar. In the corresponding tabs in the Postfity tool, you will find categorized articles that are perfect to base your post on (Ideas), and ready-to-use posts relating to holidays, special occasions, and important celebrations with perfect copy, selected hashtags, and attractive images (Social Tips Calendar).

Now you'll never be out of ideas with Postfity's content creation supporting features.

Social Tips Calendar: October edition

All these features are available in Postfity's trial version, which gets you 30 days of using Postfity for free!

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