2018 New Years Resolutions for Social Media and Marketing

January 2, 2018

"Eat Healthier", "Exercise More", "Earn More" - that's one of the most popular resolutions among people every year.New Year's resolutions are the perfect option for everyone who failed to make changes they said would make from next month, next week or next day.According to the YouGov survey conducted in December this year, the three most popular resolutions for 2018 are

  1. Eating Healthier
  2. Exercising More
  3. Saving Money

But since this is a Social Media blog, you won't be probably interested in a new yoga exercise plan. (In case that you are - click)

We can bet that there were many things you wanted to include in your marketing messages last year but you simply abandoned the idea.This is the right time to change it.How?

1. I will Finally create the Marketing Plan

You probably know it, since everyone in the field keeps repeating how important is having a clear plan for your marketing actions.It doesn't have to be a dozen pages report with advanced analytics of your brand needs or day-by-day specific instructions.All you need is a short and brief information about how you would like to communicate with your audience in the upcoming year.Make some points about your tone of voice, maybe some goals that you want to achieve, remind yourself of your target group demographics and their needs...Create a short document that you can always look at and see if the current campaign or ad is something that will match your whole idea for the company.

2. I Will Make New Goals and Pursue Them

What's the point of working your face off and giving 150% energy if you can't even measure your achievements?Without a clear goal in form of a number of new subscribers, organic reach level, e-mail response rate etc. it's really hard to measure if your actions are adequate to your effort.If you are not so advanced in the marketing field, or you are starting a new business with close to zero knowledge about "numbers" - you can create your goals based on two things:1.Competition - just look at the similar brands. If it's hard to find many pieces of information online, maybe write an e-mail to them and ask for their results!2.Older results - if you don't have the idea of how big your goals need to be set - just look at your previous posts or e-mails and analyze their results. Find a standard organic reach number for your posts, boost it by, let's say 120% and set it as a new goal. If you will reach it, make it a bit higher next time!Sky is the limit here (maybe not literally)

3. I Will Be Consistent In My Messages

Being consistent is not only about the visual style of your messages or language form.One of the most important things is the timing of your emails or social media posts.Keeping the right amount of messages at right timing will give you a significant boost in your marketing results.It's crucial to know when, and how often to post on different social media sites.As you can read in this article, you basically need to be up 24/7 with your social profiles ready to post to keep up with the right tempo of posting.That's why it's best to organize it all with some social media scheduler, which will do all of the posting for you at the right time for your audience.

4. I Will Use More Video Content

Video-based content importance sky-rocketed in the last year.Visual Content is a must in modern marketing since it can greatly boost your results.But a video has become the most important medium right now - especially on Facebook platform.Creating a video for your audience is quite easy - especially when you can use online tools like Adobe Spark or Biteable, which lets you create stunning videos in seconds!You don't have to create a cinematic ad - some simple and short video graphics is enough to catch the potential client attention and provide him with more information than on a photo or a text-based post.

5. I Won't Be Using the Same Content Everywhere

The last thing to remember for the upcoming year is a variety of messages that you need to have for your brand.You need to think of different content for every communication channel used in your marketing strategy.There is no logical explanation for sending an email with the same content as your Facebook post or a Tweet identical to your LinkedIn post from yesterday.A big part of your audience is subscribed to different channels of yours, and seeing the same ad or article on Facebook, Twitter and Email is very annoying.It's even better to not post anything if you don't have original content for a new channel since you are not risking that someone will unsubscribe from your newsletter or "unfollow" you on Twitter.When someone will see a message multiple times on different platforms - they will consider it spammy.

Most important resolution?

Be organized.That's all you really need.Start with creating your personal calendar

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