11 best marketing tools

May 29, 2018

Hey Marketers, we would like to share our favorites marketing tools to make your work easier :)


These days communication is very important, not only because people are trying to get fast responses, but also because we live in times where a lot of people work remotely. Slack is the best place to be in touch with your co-workers and your bosses. Not only because of the chat which makes communication easy but also you can make a video conference, special groups with an assigned topic of conversation. Additionally, Slack has few nice features like setting up a status “vacationing” and reminders. You can also integrate Slack with other apps like Brand24 or Asana.


As we mentioned in our Tweets before, it is very important to be up to date with the news from business segments we work in, and from our competitors. Brand 24 informs about selected keywords like marketing and e-commerce or brand names.


Scheduling social media is going to be simple. Postfity gives option to select not only accounts but also making groups where it's possible to see all the posts created by co-workers. Looking through posts is easy too. You can choose to browse posts either with standard timeline list or monthly & daily calendar views. Calendar is the most interesting part – not every social media schedulers have it! Also, possibility of scheduling cover photos is something that distinguishes Postfity.


Want to boost content marketing? Tired of boring and unworthy content? Buzzsumo helps to analyze content ideas, it gives information about performance and finds the key influencers to promote it.

Social Network Elite

Great app for Instagram automatization. It can help you reach a bigger audience by interacting with them - liking their content, commenting, geo-location targeting and even sending direct messages. They offer 3 subscription plans, including 7 days free trial and, what's important, 24/7 support.


This app is an alternative way of marketing, unrelated to planning social media posts. Helps create an awesome image by managing your snapchat and Instagram stories.


Do you want to see what your visitors are looking for? Hotar lets you see how people are watching your page, how they are moving through clicks and what is the most interesting for them. Hotjar also enables you to make a hotmap. It gathers the most clickable places on your website.


The best calendar to organize your work and to manage a team! Useful options: deadlines, calendar, comments, sharing a task, inserting links/pictures etc. Even making an event calendar.


This platform needs only one sentence: awesome free stock photos.


The best helper with graphics deadlines. Most of the time, when graphics team is not able to do something, and you are not ready for photoshop Canva is a live saver. Very easy to use, simple, intuitive. Just register and use.We recommend this to everybody who is getting started with visual identification.


Every marketer should know it! Good pictures and awesome content - that's great! But sometimes you don’t even realize that you actually wrote ‚piccurs’ instead of ‚pictures’. Grammarly helps you immediately by correcting your spelling and grammar mistakes. Be professional!

Hope we could make your life easier, let us know which tools are you using!

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