10 Ways of Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

June 23, 2020

Facebook is one of the most efficient social media platforms to market a business because of its versatility. You can either publish text-only social posts or include videos or photos, making the content shared more engaging.

There are also different types of marketing techniques that can be used on this social media platform. How can you successfully use Facebook for marketing? Here are ten tips on how to promote your business using this social media platform.

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Optimize the cover photo

The cover photo is one of the first things customers see and if it is not well-optimized, the audience might lose interest in the business.

Ensure that it has the right message, has the appropriate size, and appears in its entirety. If you are planning your first business, ensure that this aspect is covered in the Facebook marketing strategy.

Native video

With the new advancements of live videos and stories, you might forget the power of native video posts. They can drive a lot of engagement, especially because native video posts last longer than live and story videos. Do not neglect native video posts but create short content that the audience will enjoy.

Improve the response time on Messenger

The time you take to answer direct messages sent by customers on Facebook Messenger can botch all marketing efforts.

If you do not respond to their queries fast enough, they will convert to the competition. Thus, consider using chatbots to improve the time it takes you to respond to customer queries.

Use authentic images

On Facebook, you can share pictures to engage the audience and, in this case, some businesses make the mistake of using stock images.

These types of photos are easy to identify as inauthentic and that can repel customers away from the business. Therefore, use authentic brand images and also share pictures of your staff once in a while.

Promote only important content

When using Facebook for marketing purposes, you have the option of paying a certain amount to promote the content created for the business. You may be tempted to promote every post created for the business page but that can be a mistake and waste a lot of money.

Therefore, pick and choose the content you promote and select only the best. Any written content must go through a plagiarism scanner and EduBirdie tool is the best in this regard. It’s wonderful not only for your web and social media requirement but also for academic writing that includes thesis, dissertation, essays and other coursework.

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Do not shy away from using emojis

A lot of businesses try to maintain an overly professional image on Facebook and that usually contradicts with the audience's expectations.

On social media, there is no need to always be serious; instead, businesses should also try to be playful. Businesses can do so using emojis, stickers, and GIFs.

Use contests to increase engagement

To get the targeted audience more engaged with the business on Facebook, you can use contests. Other business owners have launched challenges or contests that ask their followers to share their content or page details to others. They usually incentivize the challenges and contests by offering a monetary prize or freebie giveaway.

Direct customers to the business website

You may be using Facebook to get more visitors on the business website. If that is the case, ensure that the targeted audience receives the URL link to the site often. A creative way to do this is periodically sharing content from the website directly to the Facebook page created for marketing purposes.

Leverage influencers

Using influencers is very important when tapping into marketing using Facebook because it can grow the business page's following exponentially. Therefore, you should source and engage with relevant influencers that can benefit the business. When starting, you can choose more affordable micro or nano-influencers.

Use carousel ads

Carousel ads are a great marketing strategy that engages the targeted audience because it prompts them to swipe through the content posted. Once they have made that move, it will be much easier to prompt them to undertake the desired action.

Final thoughts

These ten ways of using Facebook as a marketing tool are highly effective and you will enjoy great results when implemented correctly. When starting out, leverage influencers and social media challenges to improve the following you have. Also, do not forget to use native video because it lasts longer than live and story videos.

Author’s Bio:

Michael Turner is a sales and marketing professional and is currently working for a technology startup. He also helps students with their management assignments that include thesis, dissertation and essays. In his free time, he watches web series and sports on TV, reads fiction and goes out for long walks.

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