10 Free Social Media Marketing Courses That Will Help You Rock Social Media

August 10, 2019

Wanna learn social media marketing this summer? Grab our list of 10 best FREE (!) social media marketing courses and learn how to rock social media for your business online!

#1 - Video Storytelling for Social Media

Social Media Marketing Courses Video Storytelling for Social Media

Videos are a great way to tell your brand story and communicate with your potential customers in an engaging and authentic way. No wonder videos are the most engaging type of content on social media in 2019. And yet, with the plethora of video formats available on social media (Insta and Facebook Stories, Boomerangs, short videos, live videos, video premieres, watch parties, gifs...you name it!)using videos effectively on social media is not a stroll in the park. Fortunately, there are plenty of social media marketing courses that will teach you how to rock your social media with videos - even if you don't have professional equipment and skills - all you need is a smartphone!Video storytelling for social media is a course that teaches you on how to use your iPhone or Android smartphone to make high-quality videos. During the course, you learn how to tell stories using captivating videos, and create calls to action that will really resonate with your audience.

#2 - Social Media Quickstarter - a social media marketing course for beginners

2 social media marketing courses - Social Media Quickstarter

Social Media Quickstarter is one of the best social media marketing courses for beginners. It is not complicated, but it still provides a detailed guide on how to build and maintain your online presence on the biggest social media platforms.The course doesn’t unnecessarily complicate your journey and breaks you into social media marketing gently. The social media channels covered in the course include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

#3 - Social Media Analytics Course

3 - Social media marketing courses Social Media Analytics Course

You can't succeed in social media marketing without setting some KPIs and analysing the results of your marketing efforts. And for that - you need to be quite fluent in using social media analytics on different platforms, and understanding the key metrics. That's why you should add some analytics courses to your social media marketing courses menu (OR use Postfity analytics which aggregates aaaaaalll the different social media analytics in one dashboard and lets you compare the different metrics between them ;) )

social media analytics postfity

Social Media Analytics course is also designed for beginners but has a little twist to it. It focuses specifically on understanding social media analytics. The insights offered are practicalAfter completing the course, you will also get a certificate of completion, which adds some extra value to the knowledge you will gain from it ;-)

#4 - 30-day Writing Challenge


OK, now that you know all about the different platforms and how to use analytics...what are you actually going to write?!


Great writing skills aregold when it comes to social media marketing.If you feel your writing skills are eeeerm, meh at best, the30-Day Writing Challengeis for you! The course will help you improve your writing skills and use them to write killer posts on social media:

The challenge will give you prompts about topics you should write about (hey, Postfity has post ideas by industry built into the app - we think so you don't have to...)

post ideas postfity social media scheduler

...and you can practice under the eye of the best writers.


#5 - Introduction to Social Media Strategy

5 - Introduction to Social Media Strategy

The Introduction to Social Media Strategy is one of the shortest social media marketing courses in this roundup. It only takes 45 minutes but gives you a strong foundation about social media marketing strategy that works and practical skills you will need to implement it.

#6 - Social Media Monitoring Course

6 - Social Media Monitoring Course

What is social media monitoring (or listening)? We covered it in our recent blog post - and all the benefits including automating your word of mouth marketing, doing customer service, and prevent brand crises on social media - among others.(Oh - by the way - check out our special 50% OFF offer on Social Media Listening with SentiOne here - valid only till end of August so hurry up!)

Sentione Listen

But mastering social media listening is a whole different thing than just knowing it exists ;) fortunately, there are plenty social media marketing courses that cover social media listening as well.The Social Media Monitoring course is one of them. The course is available on Udemy that teaches you how to monitor your audience.If you want to learn how to monitor your audience to study their behaviour, understand them better, and tailor your marketing so it really resonates with them - this course is perfect for you. You will also get a certificate of completion upon finishing this course (yay to getting some employability skills!)

#7 The Business of Social

7 - The Business of Social

In order to make money through social media, you also need to understand the business side of social media marketing. The business of social course aims at opening your eyes at the real value you can derive from your social media investment.It is quite different from the general social media marketing courses that focus on creating content.It focuses on monetization of your social media marketing channels, which is what a lot of social media influencers and bloggers struggle with - even if they can boast large audiences.The course will walks you through the different revenue streams you can build through social media - from affiliate programmes to your own products. It will also help you understand and measure your social ROI. You will also receive a certificate of completion after completing this course.

#8 Free Content Marketing Certification Course

8 - Free Content Marketing Certification Course

Free Content Marketing Certification Course is self-explanatory. This course focuses on developing and creating content for social media marketing purposes. It will assist you in understanding which type of content is the best for each type of business.Above that, the Free Content Marketing Certification Course will also teach how to promote that content to get the most results on social media. The course ends with a certificate too.

#9 Viral Marketing and How to Create Contagious Content

Is it possible to learn how to create posts that...will go viral?It is!Virality on social media is not accidental (read my interview to learn about it -'A formula for going viral? – with Emilia Korczynska'). Jonah Berger pretty much dissected the anatomy of a viral post in his book 'Contagious - why things catch on' - and you can learn how to create viral posts too by following his advice or taking one of the social media marketing courses on virality.Virality is what makes social media marketing attractive - basically, it means your posts can spread like wildfire amount social media users if you do them well.Hence, there are more and more social media marketing courses that focus on creating viral posts - and the Viral Marketing and How to Create Contagious Content courseis one of them.Additionally, this course teaches you why content is so important and what aspects of content make it go viral - depending on your audience.

#10 Facebook Advertising Blueprint

10 - Facebook Advertising Blueprint

Organic reach is getting scarce? You don't have any audience to start with?In that case, the best option for you ispaid advertising. The Facebook Advertising Blueprint course was designed by Facebook to help social media marketers understand Facebook Ads better.The course will help you use Facebook Ads more efficiently and improve your social media marketing ROI. You will learn how to set up, manage and optimize your Facebook Ads.

Conclusion - which of the social media marketing courses should you choose first? 

As you can see, the social media marketing courses market is rife with options. How should you choose the right social media marketing course for yourself?It all depends on your objectives of course - simply ask yourself:What do I want to learn? 

  1. The basics - intro to social media marketing - Social Media Quickstarter 
  2. Writing good content - the 30-Day Writing Challenge, Free Content Marketing Certification Course i
  3. How to write content that can go viral - the Viral Marketing and How to Create Contagious Content course 
  4. Using Videos in social media marketing -Video storytelling for social media 
  5. How to develop a social media marketing strategy - The Introduction to Social Media Strategy 
  6. Social Media Analytics - Social Media Analytics course 
  7. Social Media Monitoring (Listening) - The Social Media Monitoring course 
  8. How to monetize social media -  The business of social course
  9. Facebook Ads - The Facebook Advertising Blueprint 

Hope this helps ;-) now, have fungoing back to school and good luck rocking your social media marketing! 

About the Authors

Sandra Dufrene is a freelance writer and an editor atessayroo review andukwritings review. She has a keen interest in photography and dedicates all her free time to it. Sandra has extensive knowledge in different fields such as marketing, education, and blogging.YoucancontactheronTwitter.Emilia Korczynska is a social media marketing strategist at Postfity.com. She loves running, marketing for SaaS businesses and travelling in Asia.

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