10 Best Instagram Christmas Post Ideas for 2020

December 3, 2020

Instagram will be a heaven of posts during this Christmas season as people celebrate their holidays from within their homes due to the pandemic. For a business, this is the best time to capture the attention of your Instagram audience using captivating posts. It will be all systems go for social media campaigns over the holidays since there is reduced physical shopping. Are you ready for the Instagram Christmas wave?Perhaps not. Which is why today’s article is focused on helping you get going with Instagram Christmas post ideas. These 10 ideas with examples should be sufficient inspiration to get you going with your holiday Instagram marketing strategy:

  1. Launch a holiday product
  2. Share user-generated content
  3. Christmas sales & discounts
  4. Social impact causes
  5. Instagram Giveaway
  6. Gift Ideas
  7. Appreciate your team
  8. Special offers
  9. Bucket List ideas
  10. Funny Christmas posts

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Instagram Christmas post idea NO 1. Launch a holiday product

It is that season when people are on the lookout of any new Christmas products. According to a study by Much Needed, 42% of holiday shopping occurs online.Most companies will usually have holiday-focused products to launch. Instagram is a good place to announce them and generate attention for people to buy.

Here is how Starbucks and Krispykreme announced their latest holiday products:

instagram christmas post ideas starbucks
instagram christmas post ideas krispykreme

Instagram Christmas post idea NO 2. Share user-generated content

As you know, Instagram is a beehive of user content. Your customers are posting there every day. If you have a sound social media strategy, then your audience probably engages you all the time especially after a purchase or while they use your products.

During the Christmas season, you should share some of your customer’s posts where they have tagged you. This not only acts as social proof for you but also shows your customers that you are listening to them.

Overstock decided to share a Christmas ready home decor post from one of their customers as shown below:

Instagram Christmas post idea NO 3. Christmas sales & discounts

There is nothing that defines the Christmas holiday like sales and discounts literally everywhere you go. That is because people shop a lot over Christmas. This year, they will be shopping online more than ever due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, any avenue for your company to publicize their sales and discounts should be utilized including Instagram.

Beachbody are already on their way with the holiday season starting with the Cyber Week post below:

instagram christmas post ideas shakeology

Instagram Christmas post idea NO 4. Social impact causes

We all have social charitable causes we care about. Most companies will align their charitable causes to their business goals. Does your company have a cause for which they would like to support non-profit organisations or individuals this holiday? It would be a great idea to share those causes with your Instagram community. In addition to showing them that you care about climate change, social justice or poverty and hunger among other things, encourage them to join and participate.

SheaMoisture is passionate about social justice. It has created an advocacy program to support and mentor black activists and social entrepreneurs. Check out their post below:

Instagram Christmas post idea NO 5. Instagram Giveaway

Free things and giveaways are what Christmas is made of. Instagram users are extremely active when it comes to giveaways. It is a great way for companies to generate engagement, increase their number of followers and create brand awareness.

In the example below, Cluse got over 11k likes on a giveaway campaign recently. In addition, their post indicated that their audience had to like their post, comment and tag a friend, and lastly follow their page to qualify for the giveaway. These are clever growth strategies to increase post impressions and achieve the business goals of the giveaway.

instagram christmas post ideas cluse

Instagram Christmas post idea NO 6. Gift Ideas

Often your audience is watching out for gifting ideas to buy for their loved ones readying for Boxing day. The best time to create gift ideas that cater to your business is now as Christmas is approaching.

A quick tip is to niche down the gift ideas to make it easy for a variety of gift buyers to get to their preferred gift.

For instance, you can create gift ideas for dad, gift ideas for family, gift ideas for lovers, etc as sections of your gifting if you have an ecommerce business.

Here is an example:

instagram christmas post ideas lancome

Instagram Christmas post idea NO 7. Appreciate your team

Appreciating your team over the holiday is a great thing to do. You can share how you appreciate them on Instagram and even create a surprise gift for the people that make it possible to run your company.

In the example below, Krispykreme is appreciating their delivery drivers by thanking them for their work and sending a gift.

Instagram Christmas post ideas NO 8. Special offers

Limited time offers are good for creating some brand awareness and increased sales. The idea is that the followers can only grab the special offer before a certain time. This creates the feeling of scarcity in potential customers leading to increased purchases.

During this Christmas season, utilize special time-limited offers to drive some action on your Instagram as Peetscoffee has already started to do in the example below:

Instagram Christmas post ideas NO 9. Bucket List ideas

Christmas is for holidays and trips around the world. While the number of people traveling will be highly reduced in the 2020 Christmas than before, there are still a lot of things to do locally.

What is your company’s Christmas bucket list like? Your followers would love to know. Share with them your plans and incentivize them to share theirs with a hashtag and a mention to your page.

In this Instagram post example, Passionplanner, a seller of planning books shared the bucket list of a customer who is using their planner book. Clever, right?

Instagram Christmas post ideas NO 10. Funny Christmas posts

Make some humour this Christmas holiday on your Instagram post. Don’t complicate it. Funny post ideas are simple and cherished; like this one from Letterfolk:

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