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The key to a successful Facebook Hashtag Strategy in 2020

What is the best hashtag strategy for Facebook? Even though Facebook is the most popular of social media and has had hashtags for a few years – the opinions are divided  hashtags really ‘work’ on Facebook. Using Hashtags on Facebook in…

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How to Promote a Restaurant on Facebook Organically? 33 Facebook Post Ideas for Restaurant Owners + Restaurant Post Calendar from the “Mango Queen”

There are dozens of restaurants serving traditional international cuisine in Bedford Place in Southampton: Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Bangladeshi, Lithuanian, traditional English pubs…but none of them is quite like Lakaz Maman – a tiny Mauritian Street Food restaurant, with brightly…

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New Facebook interface has arrived! 6 major changes in the FB beta… See what it looks like! 👇

Facebook rolled out its new interface a few weeks ago – picking random users to test it and provide feedback on their experience. One of Postfity team members got lucky and we are happy to report on the 6 major…

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Christmas social media ideas for ecommerce

7 Best Christmas Social Media Marketing Ideas and Tactics For eCommerce

As an ecommerce business owner,  the best way to lift your spirits during the holidays is by boosting your eCommerce sales. Fortunately, there are quite a few marketing opportunities that you can capitalize on during this annual period of spending.…

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How to create an effective LinkedIn Hashtag Strategy in 2020

Hashtags on LinkedIn are quite new – they were introduced in 2018. LinkedIn Hashtags work differently than on Instagram and Twitter – you can use them in your articles (up to 5) and ‘updates’ (posts). It is not possible to add or edit hashtags…

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5 Social Media Engagement Tactics to Use Right Now to boost your engagement rate by the end of 2019

Today, the majority of your competitors are already on social networks. Therefore, just owning a Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest account is not enough for you. You need to understand each social network and see how it resonates with your audiences.…

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twitter hashtag strategy

Twitter Hashtag Strategy for 2020

Twitter hashtag strategy should be different from your hashtag strategy for Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook. Let’s dive into what you need to consider to create an effective Twitter hashtag strategy for your business in 2020! How Hashtag Strategy works for…

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Instagram hashtag strategy 2019

How to create a Hashtag Strategy for Instagram in 2020

Instagram has over 400 billion users posting millions of photos every second. How can you possibly find anything in this sea of content? That’s where hashtags come in! Instagram uses hashtags as signposts, to classify the content of your posts,…

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Best 2019 Black Friday Deals – Marketing Tools For Startups and Small Business Owners

Black Friday is the perfect time of the year to get your hands on some of the best products on the market for a great price. In fact, sometimes you will even come across amazing deals with discounts up to…

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