How will my link attached to the post look like?
My link preview is not generated.
Link preview looks different than it should.

Your attached link is handled just like the one added directly to the social media platform.

You can check exactly how different social media will handle the link preview and description, and also force some of the social media sites to fetch updated information than the cached one.


  • Facebook – You can post your link into the Facebook Crawler Debugger to fetch new updated information from the site and see the generated preview.


  • Twitter – When posting to Twitter it’s advised to paste your link at the very end of the tweet. Sometimes, when the link is located in the middle of the post, Twitter algorithms won’t recognize it properly. You can check how your link will look like in Card Validator


  • Every other social media – only Facebook and Twitter give you the dedicated tool to manage link previews. For other platforms, it’s possible to check the link in some 3rd part app like Rich Preview

    If your link preview is generated from the old, cached data, usually the only way is to wait few hours before the platform will fetch new data from the link automatically.