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visnja postfity user

How I Grow My Consulting Business by Posting Thoughtful Content on Linkedin using Postfity, Every Day [CASE STUDY]

We sure love when our own customers send us their success stories! 🧡 So we were delighted when Visnja Zeljeznjak wrote to us and told us her story about how she grew her consulting business by posting her thought leadership content…

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Linkedin Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Linkedin Marketing

Learn how to navigate through Linkedin as a marketing platform and the bests ways to do so!

Linkedin January Post Ideas

8 LinkedIn January Post Ideas – What topics will be trending on Linkedin in January?

By Jeniffer Broflowski While you may be still in a festive spirit, you should be slowly starting to plan your content for the following year. Once the fireworks die down and the confetti settles after the New Year’s Eve, you…

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Webinar Pitch121

10 Best Tactics for Using LinkedIn to Start Conversations with Potential Customers

LinkedIn is an unbelievably powerful social network. It has 610 million users worldwide, almost half of whom are active monthly. Of those active users, around 40 per cent are on LinkedIn every single day. And yet LinkedIn tends to lag…

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How to create an effective LinkedIn Hashtag Strategy in 2020

Hashtags on LinkedIn are quite new – they were introduced in 2018. LinkedIn Hashtags work differently than on Instagram and Twitter – you can use them in your articles (up to 5) and ‘updates’ (posts). It is not possible to add or edit hashtags…

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social selling marcin

What is Linkedin SSI (Social Selling Index)? How to Use Social Selling for Lead Generation on LinkedIn?

Linkedin SSI (Social Selling Index) is a measure of how strong your personal brand on LinkedIn is – in terms of the quality of your connections, your interactions and engagement in conversations and the strength of your professional profile. It…

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How to get more content shares on LinkedIn

You create a perfect content for your website and fan pages, click the share button and then you are waitin that the traffic on your web site will jump up dramatically, don’t you? ;) However the thing is that it stays the same, stable with no jumps up. Typically it is hard to make people share your content and leave comments.

If you have a blog, it has wider audience, however via LinkedIn you can reach professionals and leaders.

Here are the main tips you should keep in mind

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Easy tips for your hot LinkedIn promotion strategy

It is necessary to remember that LinkedIn is mainly oriented on the white-collar specialists, employers and job seekers, therefore when you are interested in promotion strategy for your web site via LinkedIn you need to keep in mind that that topic of your posts should be related to interest of this category of people.

First of all you need to

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