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Instgram and Messenger merge meme

Instagram Chat Now Available on Messenger

Facebook users will be now able to use Instagram Chat via Messenger. This brings the two massive social media platforms owned by Facebook even closer together. When someone asked me for my Instagram 4 years ago and said ‘I will…

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Instagram vs. Twitter – Key Differences and How to Suceed On Each

Twitter and Instagram are to be two vastly different social media – so, usually – they are not used to together. Instagram If you’re a largely visual, consumer (B2C) business especially in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle, nutrition etc. industry –…

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Kate insta

From Video Production to Mindfulness – How Kate Greenslade Made a Career Switch with Social Media [CASE STUDY]

If you’re into yoga and meditation, becoming a mindfulness coach is probably a dream come true for you. Helping busy professionals cope with daily stresses in a more effective way is what Kate Greenslade does in her daily work. But…

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Instagram 4 SMBs

8 Tested Instagram Marketing Hacks for Local Businesses

With the growing popularity of Instagram, when over one billion people use the platform each month, it can be a good marketing tool to gain exposure for your local business. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with the most…

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Instagram vs Pinterest for Business + Instagram growth strategy

How to use Instagram vs Pinterest for business? What are the main differences between them? Which business goals are Instagram and Pinterest best for? And how to achieve them on each platform? Check out the no-bs guide below! The different…

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10 Social Media Post Ideas to Boost Your Business

Every content marketer struggles with a creative block from time to time when trying to come up with original social media post ideas. Yep, it’s a very common problem. You are not alone. So if you don’t know what content…

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1 history of social media postfity

The Complete History of Social Media – What Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn looked like at the beginning?

It’s hard to imagine our lives without social media now – on average, we spend 135 minutes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp every day. So it’s also equally hard to imagine that the history of social media dates back only…

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instagram marketing tips

5 Killer Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Online Business

Some business owners neglect using Instagram when marketing their businesses. They do this primarily because IG is a photo-sharing platform, and many entrepreneurs simply assume that if their business has nothing to do with pictures, then Instagram is a waste…

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Instagram’s Trust Score: What It Is And Why You Should Care

Instagram is able to track and analyze each and every action that you perform through your account. It uses the quality of these actions to determine and raise or lower your account’s trust score. Whilst it can be extremely frustrating…

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