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2018 New Years Resolutions for Social Media and Marketing

“Eat Healthier”, “Exercise More”, “Earn More” – that’s one of the most popular resolutions among people every year. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect option for everyone who failed to make changes they said would make from next month, next…

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What’s your #1 marketing goal for 2017?

You have the social media accounts, of course. But do you wonder what are your goals in social media communication? What is the main reason that every day you are using it? Here are some common goals most businesses aim…

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SM metrics and your business goals

One of the important moments is to define the metrics of your success in business. Each and every action can be forecasted based on the received statistics and analysis of your social media activity and results. Find the most important metric which are significant for you. Everything is individual and there is no specific formula for it, so just find those which are interesting for you and keep an eye on that from the first day you start your campaign.

Mostly companies

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