We’re building something bigger! Postfity has joined Simplified.com - one app for all your marketing. Design. Video. AI Copywriting & Scheduling.

Post Drafts have been created to help you collaborate with your co-workers, employees, and customers more effectively on creating and approving post content. Sometimes — you may also want to create drafts…just for yourself, e.g. when you came up with a great copy for your LinkedIn post, but you don’t have the right image to schedule it just yet. Whatever side you find yourself on — Postfity Drafts has a solution for you!

With Postfitys Drafts you can:

Create post drafts for your own use

Every time you have a great idea for a copy – just write it down! You can manage and edit your drafts anytime you want.

Work with a team

Collaborate with your co-workers on creating and approving content.

Send posts drafts for approval

If you need customers or manager acceptance before publishing – easily create packages of drafts to be sent for approval.

Easily create a link to share drafts

You can share your dratfs even with someone who does not have a Postfity account. Just send your packages or single post drafts for acceptance as an easily shareable link – without without signing in or loggin in.