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Timepoints ⏱

Timepoints are used when you add your post to the queue, as you can see below. If your timepoint is set up and you click the “add to queue” button, the post will be attached to the first empty timepoint. 

How to set up the timepoint?

To set a timepoint, go to the “settings” page in the menu bar. Make sure that your active tab is the “social accounts”. 

Or you can copy and paste the link below:

Then, choose the account you want to set the timepoint for (you should do it separately for each social account unless you choose to edit all of your accounts at the same time – look below). 

Scroll down until you reach the “publishing settings”. You can also set the timepoint for all of your accounts by checking the box, as you can see below. 

You can choose the day of the week, hour, and minute in which the post will be published. You can do it here: 

After that, click the “add timepoint” button to save these settings. 

You can add many timepoints and if you want to delete any, just click the “delete” button, as shown below.