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Snapshots 🌟

Snapshots are used to present your posts attractively. It is the easiest way to diversify your content on social media. Let’s take a look at how it works. 

How to generate a snapshot? 

You can find an icon of the snapshot next to the “create post” box. Click on it to generate it. 

The “generate snapshot” box will be displayed, then you can use templates.

You can also share a link to an image you want to use as a background by checking the box marked in the photo below. You should copy the address of the photo you want to use first and paste it into the box. 

The last step is simply clicking the “generate snapshot” button. 

The snapshot has been generated. Let’s take a look! As you can see below, you can now:

🔶 use the snapshot, 

🔶 use it in a new post, 

🔶 download it,

🔶 close it.

If you choose to use it in a new post, the new window with the “create post” box will be opened with your snapshot added as a photo. If you choose to use it now, it will be uploaded as a photo to your post. 

Remember that the watermark will be added if you have it enabled. Read more about watermarks [here].