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Short-links 🔗

Why is it good to use short-links? Short-links allow reducing the number of used characters. For example, this link, which is 164 characters long:

will be shortened to this one, which is 21 characters long. It cuts the link down by 143 characters, which you can now use to write the message in your post. 

How to enable short-links? 

There are two ways of doing that. To enable the short-links, go to the “settings” page. Click on the “my account” section and you will see the drop-down list, choose the “settings” button. Then choose the “general” tab. 

Or you can copy and paste the link below:

Scroll down until you reach the shortlinks settings and click on the box. Click on the “save settings” button to make it active. 

The other way is to change settings while creating a post. You can find an icon of the settings next to the “create post” box. Click on it to change them. 

To enable shortlinks, check the box next to the “shortlinks enabled” text. 

Once you make it active, the links will be shortened automatically. The pasted link will be changed into the shortened one using the domain, as you can see below.  You will not see that while planning and scheduling your post because the shortening is programmed in the backend for the editor. However, you will see it once it’s planed in the queue, as you can see in the photos below. 

Before shortening, UTMs are added (if they are enabled). You can read more about UTMs [here]