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Postfity’s brand new editor

Postfity’s Team has worked hard to bring you this new, majorly updated version of our post editor. See what awesome changes have been introduced and how they will make your scheduling experience better than ever. Learn all about Postfity’s brand new editor.

Where to find the new post editor?

After you’ve switched, it will be right there in the “Create” tab. It should look like this:

New post editor's location in Postfity

How do I schedule post to my socials in the new editor?

The new editor allows you to work with as many accounts at once as you wish with a base (“Original”) that you can always return to. Take a look at this screenshot:

Selecting more accounts for scheduling a publication

As you can see in the picture, the “Original” tab in the editor is lit up, and has a blue line under it, so you know you’re currently working on the base version of your post. What you can do in the other tabs titled “Facebook,” “Instagram,” “LinkedIn,” “Twitter,” and “VK” is customize the post to fit each platform.

This means that you can make any changes you want for just this one tab and account (e.g. Facebook):

  • add more text,
  • use platform-specific hashtags (also using Snippets),
  • add a photo or photos,
  • upload a video,
  • sprinkle in some emojis,
  • generate a snapshot,

and more.

For example, see how this customized post for Instagram looks in the editor and compare it to the screenshot above:

Customizing the post for each social

The blue line is located under the “Instagram” tab, and that is why you’re making changes only for that specific social account. The “Original” tab does not change at all when you modify the tabs for each social.

Also, please note that when you customize the post for a selected social account, a grey dot appears next to the tab name.

Where do I find functionalities for my post?

Every functionality is now located at the bottom of the edit box.

Features and functionalities of Postfity's edit box

Therefore, whether you’re searching for Snippets, emojis, Snapshots, Postfity Image Editor, or settings, they can all be found down there.

What is more, you can see both the word count and the hashtag count in the bottom-right corner. The @ symbol counts the number of mentions.

Word count, hashtag count, mention count and the reset icon

Reseting all customizations or one selected customization

What about that black “circle and dot” icon that’s located alongside the counts? This icon resets all the changes you’ve made in all the social tabs, and makes it so that all the versions revert back to the original version (the first tab) — but only, if you click this icon while being in the “Original tab.”

Reset icon

Don’t worry, if you click the icon by mistake, you will see a confirmation dialog that asks you if you want to reset the customizations.

Resetting all customizations

If you click this icon while in any other tab (e.g. “LinkedIn” or “Instagram”), this option will only reset this particular tab to original.

Reset icon (when in a social tab)

And, again, you will be asked whether you clicked it intentionally and informed about the consequences.

Resetting a particular tab customization

Adding an image or a video

Postfity Team has added a few handy options to help you with adding an image or a video.

When you click the icons for “Add image” or “Add video,” you will be able to add those in a few ways:

  • drop files — you drag any file and simply drop it in this window;
  • paste — you copy any part of an image or a video from your editor, and use “Ctrl+V” to paste it in the window;
  • browse files — you just browse the files on your computer and select one;
  • import from a link — you type in or paste a URL in the input field.
Adding an image or a video in Postfity's brand new editor

Scheduling in Postfity’s brand new editor

In terms of scheduling, let’s focus on what you’ll see after clicking the “Schedule” button:

Scheduling and customizing time in Postfity's brand new editor

The calendar and the options for selecting time and timezone look the same as in the previous editor. The newly added options have been marked on the screenshot.

As you can see, you can either:

  • customize the time for each account,
  • add a delay between posts.

Let’s see what “Customize the time for each account” option looks like after clicking on the text.

Selecting publication times for each account

As is presented on the screenshot, you can set the time and the date for each social by clicking each date/time picker one by one. Then, you simply click the “Schedule!” button to add the posts to queue.

If you don’t want to do that, but you also don’t want your post to be published at the same set time for all acounts, you can click the “Add a delay between posts” switch.

Adding a delay between posts

Then, you will be able to choose how much time (in minutes, hours, or days) will pass between the publication of each social post that you’re planning. Then, simply click “Schedule!” to finalize the action.

Other important change

You probably remember that you could shorten your added link by simply clicking on it in the edit box (with link shortening enabled in the settings). In the new editor nothing will happen if you click on your link. That is because the shortening is programmed in the backend for the editor. Which also means you won’t see it happen while planning and scheduling, but you will see it in the queue of your to-be-published posts.

Again, the links shorten on their own after you hit the “Schedule!” button. You will see your post with the link shortened in your “Scheduled posts” queue.

Brief summary

Now you know how to utilize Postfity’s brand new editor and all its options. Try out the new and updated functionalities in your “Create” tab in Postfity. See what different adding or scheduling options give you and enjoy the new features. Go to your Postfity panel and try them out!