Schedule Instagram Photos for Free via Postfity Social Media Manager!

Schedule Instagram Photos for Free via Postfity Social Media Manager!

Postfity is an Instagram scheduler! It means that it’s now possible to post to 6 different platforms from one place. You can finally post photos from your computer and set a custom delay between them for better reach and engagement!

We want to make the user experience as smooth as possible when it comes to new features, and we hope that this blog post will dispel any doubts and questions which you may want to ask about this new service.

How does the Instagram scheduling work?

To explain it deeply with visual content – we made an instruction video:



If you don’t like videos or just want to read a short, brief instruction about the system – read below!


1.Check your mobile App!

You need to have our mobile app activated on your phone in order to schedule posts to Instagram.

Please make sure that it’s updated to at least 1.2.1 version!



Mobile Apps are completely free and you can use them with any account type. (even the free one)


2.Login to

The account that you are logged in will be the one that will be added to Postfity app.

If you want to add another account to our platform – log out and log in to another one via


3.Login to the web version of our service

You need to open your dashboard and click on the “+connect accounts”, blue button.

In the pop-up window select the Instagram tab.

The account that you are logged into on will be automatically added to your Postfity accounts.


4.Choose photo from computer and set exact time

You can choose any file with the .PNG, .JPG, .GIF extension. (Just remember that GIF files won’t be animated in the

(Just remember that GIF files won’t be animated in the Instagram since it doesn’t support animated files posting)

Remember that in the caption field the maximum number of “#” are 30 in one post.

If you will try to publish more than the limit – Instagram will post your photo without any caption and all!

Always check how many you have added up to now.


5.Check notification on your phone at a scheduled time

At a scheduled time you will receive notification on your phone.

After clicking on it you will be redirected to the Instagram official app with the photo saved as a draft.

Now just select your filter, crop the photo and click next.

At the last step, you need to paste the caption which was copied into your clipboard by our app!


6.VOILA! Your scheduled post has been posted.