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Team collaboration

Inviting someone to team means that you will be able to publish to the same accounts and see each other’s posts – great for planning content together :)┬áRemember though, that limitations (like max posts that you can schedule) are still set accordingly to account’s type. For example – if a Team owner with “Agency” account invites member who has “Mini” account, then invited member will still have limitations of his account (“Mini”).

Working in teams allows users to:
– plan their scheduled content together, as they can see each others posts that they publish inside a team
– connect new accounts to teams and their account separately
– manage users roles (different users can have different rights, for example – higher team members can invite new team members)

If you are managing your social media sites/accounts with some other users, then team collaboration is a must for you! :)

There are 3 roles (user types) available in team management:

1. Owner – can add new members, connect new social accounts, create new posts and edit/delete other member’s posts. There can be only 1 owner per team.
2. Administrator – can create new posts and edit/delete other member’s posts.
3. Editor – can create new posts.

Currently no, but this feature is currently in development, and we hope to see it as soon as possible.