Connecting accounts

If you click on the blue “Connect account” button, connecting popup appears.  If you can’t see pages/accounts that  supposed to be there, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have editing rights on those pages/accounts that you want to connect.

2. Make sure you have granded Postfity permissions it asked you upon initial launch. Those permissions are needed so Postfity can access your pages/accounts and do the publishing work for you. If you have not granded those permissions, you will need to grand them. To do so, go to your social network apps settings page (for FB that would be https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications) and either

a) grand Postfity permissions manually, or:

b) remove Postfity, go back to http://panel.postfity.com and do the initial launch again – this time witch acceptation of required permissions :)

Unfortunately, Google+ is not supported via our service at the moment. We are working on it and hope that it will be available soon. If you want to stay updated – follow us on our social media profiles!

To disconnect any social account from Postfity, click on small gearbox icon in top-right corner of chosen account. From dropdown choose “Disconnect account” option.

Please note that currently this option is available in desktop version (web) of application only..

You need to click on “Connect Accounts” blue button, then at the bottom of the pop-up window you can see “Add More” section with different social media sites. Use correct button to connect a new one

If after clicking, you just get automatically redirected or see a blank/black page – try opening our platform with “Incognito mode” (Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows Browsers or Cmd+Shift+N on Mac OS Browsers) and try adding new account inside incognito mode. Incognito mode will automatically log off from your profiles and will let you login to desired account easily.



Using Postfity does not violate the rules of any platform. Our services use API (application programming interface) when scheduling posts to each social media platforms and the scheduling services can use this functionality without any repercussions.

If your posts are marked as SPAM than it can be due to:

  1. Users that marked your posts/images as SPAM on selected social media (usual platforms take down posts marked as spam by users automatically)
  2. Link that you used, or the shortened link (even pos.li/xyz) has been marked as spam before. In this case – try disabling the link shortener or generate a new one by refreshing the page and paste the link again in the editor.
  3. You are posting too frequently – sometimes different platform can ban your account if your posts are published multiple times during short period of time
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Scheduling, queueing and publishing

Facebook’s timeline mechanisms tend to group image posts that were published within small timespans.
If you would like your photos to not be grouped and appear individually, please use larger timespans (at least couple hours).

Unfortunately, we have no control over that mechanism, as it is internal Facebook behaviour.

This is usually caused by settings you have chosen during initial Posftity launch.To change those settings, simply go to Facebook where you should be able to double-check privacy settings for Postfity shares. Follow these steps:

1. Go to your Facebook app settings, usually at https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications
2. Find Postfity app on list anc click “Edit settings”
3. At the “visibility of app and posts” choose “Public” “Friends” or “Friends of Friends”
4. Click the “Save” button

Social networks have different guidelines when it comes to number of published posts each day. When using Postfity, you should stay within daily upper limits, which are as follows:

  • Facebook: 25 posts / day
  • Twitter: 800 posts / day
  • LinkedIn: 100 posts / day
  • Google+: 100 posts / day
  • Instagram: 100 posts / day

That is usually caused by the timezone being incorrect. You can setup your main timezone at settings page, or individually for each scheduled post (when you schedule it).

No, the number of pending post is multiplied by the number of social media profiles that you are scheduling it to.

So when you are scheduling the same post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn it will be counted as 3 posts.

Your attached link is handled just like the one added directly to the social media platform.

You can check exactly how different social media will handle the link preview and description, and also force some of the social media sites to fetch updated information than the cached one.


  • Facebook – You can post your link into the Facebook Crawler Debugger to fetch new updated information from the site and see the generated preview.


  • Twitter – When posting to Twitter it’s advised to paste your link at the very end of the tweet. Sometimes, when the link is located in the middle of the post, Twitter algorithms won’t recognize it properly. You can check how your link will look like in Card Validator


  • Every other social media – only Facebook and Twitter give you the dedicated tool to manage link previews. For other platforms, it’s possible to check the link in some 3rd part app like Rich Preview

    If your link preview is generated from the old, cached data, usually the only way is to wait few hours before the platform will fetch new data from the link automatically.



The best way to implement Posfity is to install our browser extension available at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/postfitycom/mjhdfipdhjicefeklelaoeboghggaigc. It’s available for Chrome browser, and it enables you to quickly schedule, queue or publish post immediately – all without leaving pages that you are reading! Really neat and quick way for handling social media content :) 

Emojis can be used when posting via Postfity. You need to copy-paste them from a site like this

It is possible to tag people and pages when posting on selected social media platforms.

  • Twitter – When posting to Twitter, just type “@username” inside a post. Just remember to use the username, and not the display name of the profile. Username can be found on twitter just below the display name and is presented in the “@username” format

  • Instagram – When posting to Instagram you can tag someone by writing “@username”. When you will get your notification on your phone, paste in the description from your clipboard and make sure that the “@username” is highlighted. If not – delete the last character of the username and there should a pop-up appear to select a person to tag.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Vkontakte – Unfortunately it’s not possible to tag someone on this platforms currently.

Yes, you can. Go to settings page and there are options for setting up queue publishing hours, which we call “Timepoints”. You can setup your own timepoints for each of connected profiles/pages/accounts!

social media queue timepoint settings

Queue settings view

Currently, we only support posting to private profiles, pages that you have admin rights to, and groups that you have admin rights to.

Subscriptions, payments and security

You can find your invoices here: https://panel.postfity.com/#/payments-history/

Please note, that invoices for PayPal payments are generated at the beginning of the following month, while subscriptions created with Cards are available right away.

Yes, you can. There is also 14 days guarantee cash back if you change your mind – just write to us from support page (https://panel.postfity.com/support#/_) if you would like your last payment refunded.

There is a 14 days guarantee cash back if you would like to cancel your subscription. Once you’ve made that request, it can take up to 30 days to fully process and refund the payment.

All Postfity payments are handled with PayPal services. When you choose to upgrade Postfity, you will be redirected to your PayPal account. You can also cancel your subscription at any time you want directly from your PayPal account.

You can remove your account by going to settings page (https://panel.postfity.com/settings), on the bottom of that page you will see “Remove my Postfity account” button – click it.

Please note, that if you have active PayPal subscription for upgraded account then you will have to cancel it on your PayPal dashboard.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

If you have subscribed with:
– PayPal – you cancel it directly in your PayPal dashboard;
– Credit card – you can cancel your subscription at settings page (https://panel.postfity.com).

No, all payments are handled with PayPal services. Postfity by itself does NOT ask you for your credit card informations.

Team collaboration

Inviting someone to team means that you will be able to publish to the same accounts and see each other’s posts – great for planning content together :) Remember though, that limitations (like max posts that you can schedule) are still set accordingly to account’s type. For example – if a Team owner with “Agency” account invites member who has “Mini” account, then invited member will still have limitations of his account (“Mini”).

Working in teams allows users to:
– plan their scheduled content together, as they can see each others posts that they publish inside a team
– connect new accounts to teams and their account separately
– manage users roles (different users can have different rights, for example – higher team members can invite new team members)

If you are managing your social media sites/accounts with some other users, then team collaboration is a must for you! :)

There are 3 roles (user types) available in team management:

1. Owner – can add new members, connect new social accounts, create new posts and edit/delete other member’s posts. There can be only 1 owner per team.
2. Administrator – can create new posts and edit/delete other member’s posts.
3. Editor – can create new posts.

Currently no, but this feature is currently in development, and we hope to see it as soon as possible.