Frequently Asked Questions about Postfity:

If you click on the blue button „connect accounts”, you will see a popup for connecting your accounts.

If you don’t see the accounts which you want to connect, do the following:
1. Make sure you have editing/admin rights to the pages/accounts you want to connect.
2. Make sure you have allowed Postfity to access your social media accounts required from you on the first login. The access rights are necessary to connect your accounts. If you didn’t allow Postfity to access your accounts, follow the following steps:
Go to the settings pages of your social media networks (in the case of Facebook it will be: i albo
a) give Postfity access rights manually, or:
b) delete Postfity, go back to and open it for the first time again – this time granting it the required access rights 🙂
You can connect Postfity with:

– Facebook: only Facebook business pages. You can’t connect private accounts, events.
– Instagram: Only Business Accounts. You can’t connect a private account
– LinkedIn: you can connect both private accounts and business pages
– Twitter: you can connect both private accounts and business accounts
– Vkontakte: you can connect both private accounts and business accounts
Social networks have different daily post limits. While scheduling your posts remember about the following limitations:
– Facebook: 25 posts per day
– Twitter: 800 posts per day
– LinkedIn: 100 posts per day
– Instagram: 100 posts per day
– Vkontakte: 50 posts per day
Create your post, and then click on the ‘schedule’ button in the bottom right. Select a date, time and timezone of your choice. Click on the ‘schedule’ button.
Go to your list of posts on the timeline view and find the one you want to reuse. Click on the icons in the top right and select “choose again”.
Warning! You should not use the same post stoo much – they may be treated as duplicates and either not published by the social medium, or even result in a ban in extreme cases.
If you want to publish a certain post again, you can choose the ‘use again’ functionality.
There is currently no way how you can schedule the same post at several times into the future.
If you want to publish the same post to several networks at the same time, just select a few accounts from your accounts on the left, and schedule your post as usual

Publications/ Account

Video scheduling is currently available for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. You will need to upgrade to a Premium plan to use this option.
To check your post status:


1. Go to the published posts in the “Analytics” tab: “Post Archives”

2. Choose a post that interests you

3. Click on „open” in the top right corner of the post and go straight to the place of publication.

If the planned post is not visible on the wall at the time you have scheduled it for, wait a moment. Sometimes due to the delays in publication on specific social media the post publication date may be delayed by a few minutes.

If a LinkedIn account you had access to before disappeared from your Team Accounts, contact the Team Administrator. Most likely, the original access token has expired, and the administrator needs to renew the account connection, and connect the LinkedIn account again. This happens by default every 2-3 months in line with LinkedIn’s security policy.
To log into the mobile app, set your password in the ‘settings’ tab of the desktop app first. Then log into the mobile app: >  Go to „manage passwords”
Chrome extension is the best way to quickly and conveniently plan posts with a link to the site you are currently viewing. You can download it here:
You can delete your Postfity account in the ‘settings’ – click on the red button ‘delete the account. Remember that this action is irrieversible.


If you pay with PayPal your invoice will be issued at the beginning of the following month.
If you’re making your payment via a credit or debit card on Paddle, your invoice will be available straight away.
You can get a full refund within 14 days of purchase. Simply send u san application via the form available in-app: (
Usually our systems need a moment or two after the upgrade for the change to your account to be visible inside the app. If you can’t see any change after a few minutes, try logging out and logging back in again.
You can do that once your subscription has expired. While renewing it you will be asked for your new credit card. If your card expries during your subscription duration, you will get a notification inside your app. You will see it on your dashboard for two weeks – and during this time, your planned posts will be published as usual. If you don’t upgrade your card during that time, your account will be suspended.
You can see your payment method and details in the “settings” tab inside the app.


Remember, that in order to post to Instagram, you need to have the Business Account. If you added your account to Postfity before direct publishing became available, see instructions how to convert your account here: Learn more about it here or contact support here
You can use Postfity analytics to track the engagement of your followers. Advanced analytics allows you to create additional charts and view more precise date ranges. To access advanced analytics, select Professional or Agency plan.
Teams are used to help you delegate duties related to managing accounts and scheduling social media content. However, the team members keep their individual account permissions. So if your Team Administrator has an Agency account, but you have a Pro account – you will keep your Pro account limits.


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