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Best 2019 Black Friday Deals – Marketing Tools For Startups and Small Business Owners

Black Friday is the perfect time of the year to get your hands on some of the best products on the market for a great price. In fact, sometimes you will even come across amazing deals with discounts up to…

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how to save on marketing in a startup

How to save at least $ 493 per month on marketing in a startup – the ultimate guide to saving on startup marketing

Marketing in a startup is a balancing act – with extremely limited resources – both in terms of money (according to our survey, 69% of early-stage startups don’t have a marketing budget at all), people, know-how (less than 8% of …

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Twitter content strategy

The Ultimate Content Strategy for Twitter – How to grow your followers from 0 to 1000 in 25 days or less

This proven Twitter Content Strategy will help you grow your Twitter follower base from 0 to 1000 in 25 days or less organically! Find out how experts do it! From this post you will learn: Summary: how to go from 0…

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Top 5 tools to analyze your social media communication

How to improve social media communication? Which actions are good and what to change? Without knowing where you are in the current moment, it’s hard to choose the right direction. It’s important to know your aim and consequently make small…

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Storytelling in social media communication

You probably remember this wonderful time as a kid when you were just lying comfortably in the bed and your parent was telling you adventures of superheroes, beautiful princesses and courageous knights. Stories are with us all the time and…

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How to create an engaging social video – tips

Creating an engaging social video might be hard these days, especially when video is the most common way of expression. After doing some research we do have some tips for busting your social video! Why it is hard to reach…

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Banned # on Instagram – 2018 list

Have you noticed a drop in the Instagram’s reach? Facebook – as a company – is still changing its algorithms, even every day your statistics can be changed. Although this time you might have used a hashtag that is banned. That’s right…

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3D posts – new feature on Facebook

Facebook developers have been surprising us over the years. They have already implemented ways to publish gifs, live broadcasts and 360° panoramic posts, so we are able to influence on user engagement more and more. At the beginning of the…

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How to Automate your UTM Parameters Builder

Conversion. That one goal that everybody wants to maximize. All of your efforts, creative materials, boosted posts, new blog articles, viral hashtags… They cannot be considered as a goal itself. Every marketing action needs to lead to something profitable in…

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What are the Best Times to Post on Social Media?

Sometimes you may have great material, select best images, raise a very interesting and original topic… but the post gets little to none engagement, while the previous post, linking to an old and outdated article is gaining more popularity. Things…

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