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lifestyle hashtag

Best Lifestyle Hashtags for Social Media Influencers

Are you a lifestyle coach or social media influencer? You need to be on Instagram! And what is the best way to get your content in front of more people? Add the right popular lifestyle hashtags* to your posts! Learn…

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A No-BS Guide To Creating *Really* Engaging Content for Social Media Posts

Why do people use social media? The key reason why men and women spend their time on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is that they try to entertain themselves. They are looking for content that is fresh, fun, relatable, and useful.…

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food hashtags

Best food hashtags – hashtags for restaurants, bars & food industry

Why are food hashtags important for your restaurant, bar or food business? If you’re doing social media for your restaurant, you may have heard how important hashtags are – especially on Instagram and Twitter. Instagram is particularly important for you…

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post something inspiring

Social Media Post Ideas for Businesses – B2B Social Media Inspiration & Tips

Are you ready to step up your social media game? With the noticeable growth of social media popularity, businesses are doing their best to get noticed and recognized on these platforms. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or all…

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twitter january post ideas

Best Tweet Ideas for January – What to Post on Twitter in January?

January comes with a motivation of its own. It is that time of the year when our stars take a major shift. Making resolutions becomes a norm; aims you wish to fulfil and achieve in the following year motivate everyone.…

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Marketing Digital Products on Social Media – Why You Should Use Social Media to Promote Your Online Courses

Are you keen to come up with social media marketing strategies that will help you sell your digital products? I don’t blame you. Considering how countless knowledge commerce entrepreneurs have made thousands (if not millions) of dollars by marketing their online courses…

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social media engagement

Engaging Content for Social Media Posts – Best Content Ideas for Maximum Engagement

👉 This guest post by Bailey Belmont gives you 7 extremely effective social media content ideas to make your content stand out from the host of trite memes and pictures with cats. 1. No need to make a long story…

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The State of Social in 2020 - what changes have social media platforms introduced in 2019? What are we expecting in 2020?

The State of Social in 2020 – what changes have social media platforms introduced in 2019? What are we expecting in 2020?

And just like that, in a blink of an eye, we are bidding 2019 goodbye. While it may be the season for making new year resolutions, it also the season for social media experts and “idea leaders” to start making…

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The key to a successful Facebook Hashtag Strategy in 2020

What is the best hashtag strategy for Facebook? Even though Facebook is the most popular of social media and has had hashtags for a few years – the opinions are divided  hashtags really ‘work’ on Facebook. Using Hashtags on Facebook in…

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New Facebook interface has arrived! 6 major changes in the FB beta… See what it looks like! 👇

Facebook rolled out its new interface a few weeks ago – picking random users to test it and provide feedback on their experience. One of Postfity team members got lucky and we are happy to report on the 6 major…

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