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Update on credit card payments

  Update (30 June 2020) We have completed integration of new card payment provider (Paddle.com). Existing users which subscription periods are ending should follow these steps: 1. Close your current subscrition from Settings page. 2. Create new subscription from Upgrade…

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Going Viral – Tips on Making an Impact on Social Media

Going viral – it sounds so simple and effortless. You’re a great writer, you know your social media so the whole thing should just take off and launch into the Twitter stratosphere. It almost is that easy, almost but not…

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Top 5 tools to analyze your social media communication

How to improve social media communication? Which actions are good and what to change? Without knowing where you are in the current moment, it’s hard to choose the right direction. It’s important to know your aim and consequently make small…

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Social media proof

What social proof is? How is it related to social media? How does it relate to your business promotion? In this article, you will find the answers to those questions. Imagine that you’ve just arrived at the small village in…

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Facebook API changes – groups & Page mentions

Due to recent changes that Facebook introduced to their API, 3rd party apps like Postfity have been affected. Currently two features are not available through our platform: publishing to Facebook groups pages mentions We have already raised request through recent…

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