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Top 5 tools to analyze your social media communication

How to improve social media communication? Which actions are good and what to change? Without knowing where you are in the current moment, it’s hard to choose the right direction. It’s important to know your aim and consequently make small…

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Social media proof

What social proof is? How is it related to social media? How does it relate to your business promotion? In this article, you will find the answers to those questions. Imagine that you’ve just arrived at the small village in…

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How to boost your conversion on SAAS application?

Ok, you already have an application, you’ve planned all features and created the wonderful design but what to do next…? How to attract the client and make him stay with you? Below you will find five propositions from Postfity how…

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Influencer or advocacy marketing?

Have you ever wondered if the decisions you make are your own, personal choice or maybe you’ve been influenced by someone or something? We all live in the world full of information that comes to us from different sources and…

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Storytelling in social media communication

You probably remember this wonderful time as a kid when you were just lying comfortably in the bed and your parent was telling you adventures of superheroes, beautiful princesses and courageous knights. Stories are with us all the time and…

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Top 8 ideas for content marketing

Lack of inspiration might be irritating, especially when deadlines are piling up and you have to come up with some brilliant idea quickly. Below you will find the answer where to find useful content inspiration. No matter if you are…

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Top 10 Chrome extensions for marketers in 2018

For many of us, social media have become a workspace recently. We are digital marketers or social media specialist and if we want to use its whole potential – we are obligated to learn how to manage this new way…

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How to create an engaging social video – tips

Creating an engaging social video might be hard these days, especially when video is the most common way of expression. After doing some research we do have some tips for busting your social video! Why it is hard to reach…

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Is Facebook the best platform to achieve high ROI?

No doubt that Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform, which is also strongly commercialized. Brands pay a lot of attention to contact with their customers and spend huge amounts of money for advertising there. All of this…

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Why covers on your social media pages really matter?

“Don`t judge the book by its cover” that is what people say. Does it work in reality? For sure not in the virtual one. Nowadays social media are books of the 21st century and in this case, covers  are one…

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