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visnja postfity user

How I Grow My Consulting Business by Posting Thoughtful Content on Linkedin using Postfity, Every Day [CASE STUDY]

We sure love when our own customers send us their success stories! 🧡 So we were delighted when Visnja Zeljeznjak wrote to us and told us her story about how she grew her consulting business by posting her thought leadership content…

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food hashtags

Best food hashtags – hashtags for restaurants, bars & food industry

Why are food hashtags important for your restaurant, bar or food business? If you’re doing social media for your restaurant, you may have heard how important hashtags are – especially on Instagram and Twitter. Instagram is particularly important for you…

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Meet the Postfity team! ;)

Have you been wondering who’s replying to your support messages at 1 a.m. on Saturday night? ;) Meet the relentless Postfity team here! Paul and Jack started Postfity in 2014 as a simple app for scheduling Facebook covers.  They were later…

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Content gap on social media postfity

5 Ways To Identify Content Gaps On Social Media

Amongst the many sources of consumer information that have appeared in the last few years, social media is considered to be the top one. Data and oil share an interesting parallel – in the sense that both represent valuable resources…

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could we feature you on our blog

Could we feature you in an article on our blog?

Advice is best when it comes out of the mouth of someone who achieved success. We all want to learn from the best – someone who walked the walk, and can share real-life experience, best practices and tips from the…

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Going Viral – Tips on Making an Impact on Social Media

Going viral – it sounds so simple and effortless. You’re a great writer, you know your social media so the whole thing should just take off and launch into the Twitter stratosphere. It almost is that easy, almost but not…

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Summary of 2018 in social media world

The end of 2018 has already come. It was a busy time for all of us… no doubt, the world is changing and so is social media. The number of strategies to run your social media profile is changing constantly.…

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effective digital content strategy for social media in 2019

How to create an effective digital content strategy for social media in 2019?

Posting on social media and seeing hardly any results? Frustrated about how much time you’re spending on posting content nobody engages with? Yeah, we hate wasting time too. That’s why we’ve created a digital content strategy for social media that…

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Fresh news from the social media world

There is no faster-changing reality than the social media world. Every day each platform implements new changes as a response to another platform. In this way, it functions as a self-perpetuating machine. That is why below you will find 5…

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Top 5 Instagram inspirations for enterpreneurs

Peeking is not an elegant habit, especially in well-bred community. However, peeking successful entrepreneurs in order to follow their steps and get a little inspiration is forgivable, isn’t it? Following the right people might be very beneficial for both sides.…

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