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Facebook video marketing strategy

How to create a Facebook Video Marketing Strategy?

You may be asking yourself: why should you come up with a Facebook video marketing strategy? Well, Marketing Live Week 2019 Conference in London left us with no doubt – video is the best medium for social media marketing in…

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google plus

G+ no longer supported due to Google’s API shutdown

Dear Postfity Users, as you are probably aware, Google is gradually shutting down their Google+ services. In their recent announcement for developers they have stated, that Google+ API (which 3rd party apps like Postfity use for publishing to Google+) will…

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Facebook issues at Postfity

We are currently experiencing issues with our Facebook application. Yesterday (21th November) our Facebook app has been disabled by Facebook. We contacted Facebook right away. We are currently awaiting for their response on that matter. Please note, that we are…

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Great Apps To Find Inspirational Content

The Marriage Of Social Media And Reality Social media may go down in history as one of the first mainstream examples of AR or Augmented Reality. If you’re unfamiliar, AR is basically a “sheen” or “veil” over normal reality. You…

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Awesome Halloween Campaigns

Halloween is coming! Lack of inspiration? Take a look at these awesome, Halloween Campaigns. 1. Burger King Burger King and McDonald’s have always the best costumes and the best “commercial fights” of all time, but this year Burger King has made…

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Great Time Management. How to do it?

Postfity was created to manage your time more successfully. It also helps to have free time besides work, when nowadays social media have to run 24/7 and customers don’t like to wait. Perfect creation to make work-life balance something real…

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7 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs

A marketer’s job can be tough and full of responsibilities. Creating a sharing content can be a lot of work and if you’re trying to do everything by yourself if can end up being tiring and dysfunctional. This is exactly…

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Marketing – Reuse old content

Nowadays content marketing is the main aspect of advertising. Giving your audience worthy messages – here you can read about why is it worth to invest time in it. In this article, we would like you to show how you…

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The biggest mistakes when running social media profiles

Postfity helps you to schedule your messages, let us help you to avoid popular mistakes on Social Media :) 1. Not monitoring social media Your customers live 24/7 and this world is focused on social media activities, you should remember…

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Content marketing – generation of trafiic

Content Marketing is what generates most of traffic online. People want to read and hear meaningful things. Don’t let anyone think it’s different. Audience is smart enough to skip unworthy messages. Giving your followers/customers the right information and knowledge should give…

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