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Cheaper Hootsuite Alternatives

Cheaper Hootsuite alternatives – pricing comparison for 4 different social media schedulers

Looking for cheaper Hootsuite alternatives for your agency or Virtual Assistant business? Which Hootsuite alternative will be best for you depends on what you need: more social media accounts more scheduled posts (a.k.a. “pending posts”) cheaper monthly plans overall …or…

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Tools for Virtual Assistants

8 Must-have FREE tools for Virtual Assistants

Dreaming of laptop-lifestyle or spending more time with family at home? Considering becoming a Virtual Assistant? Great! To succeed as a VA though, you need to be perfectly organised, manage your time well and communicate in a timely and professional…

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Social Media in China – How Social Media Marketing in China differs from Social Media Marketing in the West? Part I – WeChat

Imagine you’re launching your service or product in China – and want to leverage Chinese social media for marketing the same way you used to do “at home”.  It may come as a surprise to you that the landscape of…

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Best marketing tools for startups Postfity

Best Marketing Tools for Startups in 2019 – and their FREE Alternatives – the Ultimate Guide

Since most early-stage startups do their marketing themselves, it’s critical to know the right (and cheap) DIY solutions. The right marketing tools will allow you to save time (and money!), automate processes and scale what works – so you can…

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What is new in social media?

Social media evolve continuously introducing new functions and opportunities. At times, it happens to be quite difficult to keep track of it all. You are going to find a review of the latest news in the world of social media…

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Social media proof

What social proof is? How is it related to social media? How does it relate to your business promotion? In this article, you will find the answers to those questions. Imagine that you’ve just arrived at the small village in…

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How to boost your conversion on SAAS application?

Ok, you already have an application, you’ve planned all features and created the wonderful design but what to do next…? How to attract the client and make him stay with you? Below you will find five propositions from Postfity how…

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google plus

Google+ now available in Postfity!

A new feature in Postfity –  Google+ already available! We are glad to announce that Postfity has been granted official Google partnership! Thanks to that we were able to integrate publishing to Google+ into our service. Our new feature might be…

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Awesome image gallery now built in Postfity! (new feature)

Looking for free images sources for your social media? Look no further! Postfity’s image editor has now built in images search! All images are free to use – they currently come from Pixabay. Another source (Unsplash) is on the way.…

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Schedule Facebook covers – new feature!

Glad to announce that Postfity now has a fully-featured scheduler for covers! Schedule covers directly from Why exactly covers are so important? Today multitude of social marketing projects is so vast, you need to deliver right information as fast…

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