Top 5 Instagram inspirations for enterpreneurs

Peeking is not an elegant habit, especially in well-bred community. However, peeking successful entrepreneurs in order to follow their steps and get a little inspiration is forgivable, isn’t it?

Following the right people might be very beneficial for both sides. Why? Firstly, the one who already did something useful in order to build the successful brand has knowledge and experience. Obviously, not everyone wants to share his know-how, but sometimes analytic observation might be worth much more, that the knowledge served straight up.

In this way, inquire beholder might take some inspiration; and the one who is being followed might feel appreciated and discerned.

That is why this time we’ve done part of the work for you and we are giving you an infographic with our top 5 profiles worth following. But it’s your own business to find out why those people are successful in social media communication! We are sharing some of our observations, but maybe you’ll notice something special?

Have a look and let us know what do you think about those Instagram users as an inspiration to grow your own brand/business.

Thank you:






According to our research, those are people who have at least over 100.000 followers, which means that the really had to make an effort to built their image in social media. How do you think? Does the success depend on being authentic? Or maybe everything in virtual reality is possible and creating a personal brand from the very beginning is a piece of cake?

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