SM metrics and your business goals

One of the important moments is to define the metrics of your success in business. Each and every action can be forecasted based on the received statistics and analysis of your social media activity and results. Find the most important metric which are significant for you. Everything is individual and there is no specific formula for it, so just find those which are interesting for you and keep an eye on that from the first day you start your campaign.

Mostly companies compare the level of involvement metrics with their competition. It is represented in the amount of likes and share, posts, comments divided on the amount of followers/users. You may notice that companies with better involvement statistics are also good in preparing content of high quality.

However, apart from involvement, you have to measure also the overall interaction metrics. In case if product becomes more popular and the level of interaction metrics raises, the probability that traffic increases on the website is high too. Other words each like, post, share and comment increase the amount of visits will on a web page, registrations, subscriptions to newsletter and sales.

One of the important steps is to define what is the goal you currently want to achieve in your business, and depending on that focus on the specific metrics. Check the below cheat-list of the goals and metrics you have to concentrate.

GOAL #1 Increase the business awareness and sales growth

Strategy: Increase interest to your content/ work on content quality

Metrics: amount of shares; fans, comments, conversion growth on FB, involvement metrics

GOAL #2 Increase the web page traffic and sales level

Strategy: Sharing content

Metrics: involvement in the brand activity, conversion

GOAL #3 Customer community growth

Strategy: Product and service development

Metrics: Target group activity, feedback, increase of positive comments/ feedback

Goal #4 Increase sales; Image and values building of company

Strategy: Make users trust you

Metrics: increase amount of shares and positive comments; shares on the information content; conversion growth from Facebook

GOAL #5 Repurchasing

Strategy: Product/service improvement

Metrics: fans growth, increased amount of positive comments and posts, enrollment growth

And finally ask yourself those key questions:

1. Does our social media campaign helped us to reach new customers and increase traffics?

2. Are you responding customers in SM?

3. Did the amount of users on our SM page increased?

4. Did our sales increased or we are not using all SM oppotunities we could?