Postfity vs Recurpost: find your perfect social media scheduler

There are many social media scheduling tools on the market and one of the popular ones is Recurpost. Is there an alternative tool to Recurpost with more functionalities? Today we’ll compare Recurpost with its most powerful opponent: Postfity.

Why do you need a social media scheduler?

Social media scheduling tools enable you to prepare, draft, and schedule your posts in advance. This gives you an opportunity to think about your posting and content marketing strategies. What is most important, you can plan the communication on all your channels for a whole week, or even a month. Automating the posting process saves you a lot of time, but most importantly, it frees you from the concern of remembering to post at a certain hour to this or that account. You simply write the post, set the date and the time, and move on with your life.

What should a social media scheduling tool offer?

First and foremost, you are the client looking for a specialized tool for post automation. Just try to focus and think: what do I need in a scheduler? If you’re a social media manager, you probably know what you need already because you see what features could have made that one past task much easier.

Based on what users commonly express as regards their needs, we can definitely say that they need:

  • post automation to numerous accounts and platforms,
  • posting to multiple accounts at once (across platforms),
  • scheduling to different time zones,
  • drafts for ideas and unfinished posts,
  • calendar view for posts,
  • queuing that allows for editing,
  • post libraries/archives,
  • teamwork options (such as different levels of access),
  • approval workflow,
  • content creation supporting tools,
  • image editing and/or image libraries.

Let’s see how much Recurpost and Postfity can offer in regards to the list above.

Social Media scheduling & Analytics

Save time by scheduling posts across your social media platforms!




Post automation to numerous accounts and platforms

Manage multiple social networks in one easy to use app!

Video scheduling

Cover scheduling

Number of social accounts

200 10

Number of posts

Number of scheduled posts you can have planned at the same time (pending posts).The bigger it is, the less often you will need to come back to schedule new posts and the more team members you can accommodate.

10,000 1,000

Posting to Facebook groups (no. of posts)

Number of scheduled posts you can have planned at the same time. The bigger it is, the less often you will need to come back to schedule new posts.



Drafts for ideas and unfinished posts

Save an unfinished post whenever you need with unlimited drafts.
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within the post limit

Teamwork options

Manage teamwork with approval workflow for big teams and companies!❤️
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up to 20 teams and 200 members

limited to 1 team and 1 member

Social Tips Calendar

Schedule ready-to-use posts relating to holidays, famous quotes, etc. with hashtags and pictures for every day of every month with one click.
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Ideas for posts and Holiday Calendar

Both shared in the Calendar view, so you can easily add them to your scheduled social posts. An easy fix for content creator’s block.
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In-app image editor

Edit your photos and pictures, crop them, add text and stickers, and more.
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Post preview

Preview your posts to see how they will look like once published.
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Recurpost vs Postfity: Post automation to numerous accounts

In Rucurpost’s lowest-priced plan, you can schedule content for 3 accounts, with 100 stored recurring updates, and 20 daily posts per account. If you want to pay monthly, it’s priced at $15, but you can bring down the price to $12.50 a month if you choose to pay annually.

Higher plans get 5 accounts with 500 recurring updates (but still 20 daily posts) for $20-25, and 10 accounts with 1000 recurring updates (but only 40 daily posts per account) accordingly.

Recurpost's pricing

Postfity’s plans seem a bit more reasonably apportioned. The first tier, Mini, gives you 15 social accounts and 100 posts to use at once for $14.99 a month (or $149 annually). Then, other plans are more suitable for teams and small companies. The Pro plan lets you schedule 1000 posts for 30 social accounts for $44.99 a month (or 449 annually) and is also suitable for a team with up to 10 people. When we compare that with the middle-tiered plan in Recurpost, they don’t offer team functionalities there. Finally, the Agency Postfity plan is geared towards bigger agencies, and that is why it supports 200 social accounts, 10,000 posts, and up to 20 teams with 200 members for $119.99 (or 1199 annually). Therefore you know you save 15% when choosing Postfity’s annual payment.

Take your social management to the next level.

Find out the best plan for you:



(Save 15%)

Most powerful


recommended for most teams



  • 200 social accounts
  • 10000 Pending Posts
  • 20 teams / 200 members
Most popular


recommended for most users



  • 30 social accounts
  • 1000 Pending Posts
  • 1 team / 10 members


recommended for beginners



  • 15 social accounts
  • 100 Pending Posts
  • All prices are in USD and include VAT.
  • 14 days money back guarantee!
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  • Valid for 30 days
  • Up to 5 social accounts
  • Up to 10 scheduled posts
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Recurpost vs Postfity: Supported platforms

Recurpost and Postfity both support posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The only difference is the fifth supported platform for Recurpost is Google My Business, and for Postfity it’s VKontakte. Therefore, you have to decide access to which platform is more important for you (if at all).

Now, what about scheduling Facebook covers? Or posting to Facebook groups? Recurpost doesn’t mention scheduling covers anywhere on their website. In their tutorial, they show there is a button for scheduling to a FB Group.

Fortunately, Postfity offers scheduling up to 200 Facebook covers, which you can also do at intervals (for recurring special offers and holiday promos). What is more, you can schedule posts to your Facebook groups. Learn how to connect a Facebook group to Postfity.

Scheduling Facebook covers in Postfity

Recurpost vs Postfity: Scheduling to different time zones

Recurpost mentions that they have auto-scheduling for the best time. However, there is no information on whether this is a complicated algorithm or just a set of previously selected hours. Moreover, there is no indication in their presentation video on the home page that they have scheduling to different time zones integrated into their tool.

In Postfity, when you’re scheduling a post, you can choose any particular time in any time zone. Therefore, if you have audiences in different countries on some social accounts, you can cater specifically to them.

Scheduling to different time zones

Recurpost vs Postfity: Drafts

Recurpost treats every input content as a post (of which there is a limited number, 100 in the lowest plan), and even though there is an option to keep a post as a draft until a selected date, it still counts as a post.

Postfity is there to support your creativity, so you can keep all your awesome ideas for posts in the Drafts section indefinitely. They don’t count as far as limits are concerned in any plan. So you can write as much as you want and need to at that moment. And every draft can be very easily converted into a post and added into the queue.

Manage drafts in Postfity

Recurpost vs Postfity: Calendar view

Recurpost allows you to view your scheduled posts in a weekly and monthly Calendar view.

Postfity allows you to see your posts however you wish: in a daily, weekly, or monthly formatting. Moreover, you can search for scheduled or published posts using our filter, and type any word into a search bar located above the calendar to find anything you need. There’s also a filter for accounts, if you have too many to just choose through icons.

Postfity's calendar view
Calendar: month
Postfity's day view
Calendar: day

Recurpost vs Postfity: Editing posts already in queue

Recurpost enables editing posts when they are already in the library.

Editing posts in Recurpost's Library

However, Postfity has a whole host of options you can click when you need to act fast:

  • Preview — lets you see what the post will look like on any given social platform;
  • Edit — you can edit the post in the same way as when you were first creating it;
  • Reuse — click to quickly repurpose any post;
  • Multiply — option for making recurring posts at any given interval;
  • Publish now — to change the scheduled publishing time to at that moment;
  • Delete — discard a post.
Additional options for scheduled posts

Recurpost vs Postfity: Libraries/Archives

Recurpost has post Library for the evergreen content you want to recur on your social media feeds.

In Postfity, you can see your post archives for each social account you publish to. The green notification lets you know that the post was published as scheduled.

Postfity: social account's archives

There are also cover archives for the covers you had previously scheduled in Postfity. As you can see, you can quickly reuse the posts or the covers by clicking “Reuse.”

Cover archives in Postfity

Recurpost vs Postfity: Teamwork options and approval workflow

In their most advanced plan, Recurpost offers 1 team member, 1000 stored posts, 40 daily outgoing posts, and only 10 social accounts.

Whether you want to work in a small team, or be able to manage workflow in up to 20 teams with a total of 200 members, Postfity has a great deal for you.

Manage your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and VKontakte accounts by creating teams of professionals with different approval levels. In social media marketing, teamwork makes the dream work — so you will often find yourself working on your posts with several people. Other social media managers and VAs will be creating posts for you and your clients, and you will need to approve their work before publishing it. Or — the other way round — you will need to send the content you wrote to your manager/client for approval.

You can accept or reject drafts inside the app.

How to accept or reject a draft in Postfity

Moreover, you can send your posts for approval outside Postfity. Simply create a new post drafts package for approval, or add the posts to an existing package. To share the package with the recipient without a Postfity account (e.g. your client) — simply copy the link and send it via email/messenger. You will receive a notification in Postfity about each new approval, and the drafts will be accepted and ready to be scheduled in the app.

Creating a package for the client

Recurpost vs Postfity: Content creation supporting tools

Apparently, Recurpost doesn’t provide any content tips, holiday calendars, or other tools.

Postfity offers tools to aid you in the content creation process, such as:

  • Social Tips Calendar, with ready-to-use posts relating to holidays, famous quotes, etc. with hashtags and pictures for every day of every month.
  • Holidays Calendar and Ideas — that we share in the Calendar view, so you can easily add them to your scheduled social posts. With these features you are one click away from preparing inspirational content.

What will you find in each edition of Social Tips Calendar? First of all, there are intriguing posts relating to each day’s special occasion or observances. Secondly, we sprinkled in some meaningful quotes that your audience can relate to. Thirdly, you’ll see engaging questions in every post to help you attract commenters. And then, to top it all of, we got you: carefully selected hashtags to make your posts easier to find, and vivid pictures and photos to capture the followers’ attention.

Social Tips Calendar available in Postfity scheduler

In the “Ideas” tab, the Postfity team have created a king-sized catalogue that abounds in hundreds of interesting articles, blog post etc. that you can use as prompts for posts to be scheduled on your social media.

Ideas catalogue in Postfity

Recurpost vs Postfity: In-app image editor

There is no mention of any image editor available in Recurpost.

However, Postfity has a few great features that can help you edit your photos and pictures. The editor allows you to crop, rotate, or resize the image. What is more, you can add layers, filters, drawings, stickers, shapes, and text.

Postfity's in-app image editor

Moreover, in the editor, you can add a watermark to your image.

Then, there’s also Snapshot generator — a simple tool that allows you to change plain text into a ready-to-be-posted image.

Postfity's in-app Snapshot generator


Now you should be able to decide between Recurpost and Postfity. If you’re still having qualms about paying for a scheduler, click to read how Postfity has been awarded the title “High Performer in Fall 2021” by G2. Finally, remember that we offer a trial version for free!

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